MotoGP: Moto3 debutant Darryn Binder is tied for the championship with teammate Andrea Dovizioso

When Razlan Razali announced that he would raise his rider Darryn Binder, then under the banner of Petronas, directly from Moto3 to his new structure with U Yamaha at MotoGP, many shouted in horror. It must also be said that this revelation was contemporary to the clash of which the South African had been to blame for Dennis Foggia, thus prematurely deciding the outcome of the championship in favor of Pedro Acosta. Also, Darryn didn’t really have the same, more compelling resume as Jack Miller, the last rider to date to have covered the stages under Honda’s impetus. But after 11 races in this 2022 season, it must be acknowledged that given his asymptotic experience from scratch, his equipment consisting of an obsolete Yamaha, and a dedicated team that needs to be consolidated, the rookie does not care. Pity…

This Moto3P MotoGP parachute drop is definitely a poisoned gift for one Darryn Binder who can burn their wings in such a hurry. It remains that the brother of Brad highlighting KTM he first won the victory by twisting a bad reputation born of scavenger battles in the Moto3 pack.

And then, if we look at the overall standings of the championship, we see that he made 10 points, as much as his illustrious teammate. Andrea Dovizioso, triple world runner-up, at the top of 15 Grand Prix victories and dean of the field at 36 years old. He is finally the third of five newcomers to MotoGP this year. He stood out with a top 10 in the rain in Indonesia and finished 12th in dry in Catalonia ahead of riders like the factory driver Yamaha. Franco Morbidelli i Jack Miller of Ducati … A set that deserves good consideration for the career of someone who, let’s remember, comes from Moto3. In addition, the pilot insists on this point: from time to time I feel like it people sometimes forget a littlebut only a little bit that I come from Moto3 ”.

Darryn Binder: ” I feel like everything is fine

Explain the effects: it was a big step. Do something right and we hope you continue, and sometimes you have to take a step back, control everything to move forward. I think that’s what happened at the Sachsenring. I came from Barcelona, ​​I scored points, I felt good, I was faster in training, I reduced the distance to first place in all the sessions. I felt pretty strong all weekend, then I missed the classification. An analysis that leads to this verdict: “You want this victory, but sometimes you have to remember that it’s a big step and it’s so close that if you’re a second away, you’re nowhere. Sometimes I had to remind myself that I would have to take a step back to move forward again “.

Given the circumstances, when self-assessing this first part of the season, he told Autosport: ” I give myself eight out of 10 because I feel like it’s a very, very big step in Moto3and I think there have been some times this year where I haven’t really done very badly “, added. ” Obviously I struggled in some races, and at Sachsenring I fell. Generally, I feel like I’ve done a stable job and I get closer and closer ».

So I’ll give myself a good eight. I feel like I missed some races, like America, it wasn’t going very well and then my bike had a little problem. And at Le Mans I was a little lost, and it took me a while to find my way back. But other than that, I feel like everything is fine. ” he finishes. Despite this good feeling, Darryn Binder He currently has no prospects for after 2022, his current team moves to Aprilia and thinks of a couple Miguel Oliveira – Raúl Fernándezwhile his current teammate Andrea Dovizioso he has already announced his next retirement.

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