MotoGP Mick Doohan is benevolent with Marc Márquez: “My first concern is his safety, his health, his life after the races”

In Honda’s Grand Prix history, we observe that there are champions, injured champions, and injured champions. And not just a little. In the release, there is the current eight-time world champion Marc Márquez who is working to regain all the functions of his right arm, there is the head of the team Alberto Puig who has a repaired leg with the incorporation of a body external of bovine origin. , or even Mick Doohan who saved his, which convinced him to end his career. The Australian has this in common with the Spanish who in their time were benchmarks and struggled to return. So, of course, create links …

And those bonds grew like the injury to the right humerus Marc Márquez it had twists and turns. The officer Honda he always thanked his illustrious elder for listening. He knew what his little brother was talking about. It will be recalled that a serious injury almost cost him his right leg in 1992, and that another terrible accident in the training sessions of the 1999 Spanish Grand Prix prematurely ended his career under the wing awning. gilded and marked by five in a row. titles in 500cc between 1994 and 1998.

Well when Marc Márquez named Mick Doohan to talk about his fortunes and misfortunes, what did the legend of the Grand Prix tell him? He replies to AS: ” My first concern is their safety, their health, their life after the races. Because running, if you look at it in retrospect, is only a very small part of your life.. We have now spoken several times, more often since he had injuries a few years ago. The wound I had and the one I have are not comparable, but psychologically we have the same thoughts. I guess I’m trying to help her digest all of this through the experience of someone who has gone through something similar. “.

As a result, it is psychological support Mick Doohan at Marc Márquez. On this subject it says: Marc is still clearly very fast and mentally strong. What you feel is frustration. The biggest disappointment, as a pilot, is the frustration of knowing we can no longer run like we used to. Sometimes you exceed the limit, because physically you are not able to roll at the same level. That’s why, I’m sure, it takes time to recover, to fix your arm well, to get back to one hundred percent. Thus, you will be able to ride the bike as needed, without compromising your safety, to return to victory. “.

Mick Doohan: if you have ever won with one arm … with two arms and two legs, i think you are able to get it

Because the Australian is convinced: the result of this long and terrible ordeal will be a return to the forefront, like the Phoenix rising from its ashes … ” He has already shown that he can win races with one arm. Like I said, he’s very strong mentally, he’s won six MotoGP titles and you don’t if you’re a softie. He is one of the best of all time. By the time he decided to resign (in the middle of the 2022 season), he was still among the fastest. I see no problem for him to come back in six months, do some testing, get back in shape and be able to compete with whoever is ahead..

He may not have done many races since then, but he already knows how to compete. What is he, 29 years old? In fact, he is still young. If he’s physically fit, if he can compete at the highest level, if he’s ever won with one arm … with two arms and two legs, I think he’s capable of that. “It simply came to our notice then.

In any case, he made the right decision by assuming this fourth operation: “ it is a very difficult decision, however proves that Marc is very smart, very strong, because he made the right decision. It made no sense to continue, it could get worse and he couldn’t ride as he knows how. Plus, he wasn’t going to win this championship. Health is a priority, concentrating on the arm and then next season ” finished Doohan.

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