MotoGP, Massimo Rivola of Aprilia surprises: “of the three championships, the constructors’ title is the most useless”

Massimo Rivola is a former Formula 1 player whose success in MotoGP must be acknowledged. His work at the Aprilia factory since 2019 has been titanic in terms of driving and organizing to bring the brand to what it is today: the favorite for the world title. Coming from another horizon, he also has a different view of the paddock with such a pragmatic approach that sometimes leads him to tell truths that are not necessarily good to tell …

To understand the work of Massimo Rivola since his arrival at the helm of the project Aprilia in MotoGP in 2019, it is necessary to remember what was the situation of this manufacturer at the end of the 2018 season. Piaggio subscribed to the last place of the constructors’ championship, and its pilot, Aleix Espargaro he thought of retiring after two past campaigns made up of falls and technical problems, which had placed him 15th and 17th in the overall standings. The Spaniard was seriously considering retiring.

Then Massimo Rivola arrived. He brought Formula 1 skills with him, while in 2020 Noale’s V4 dropped its tilt from 70 ° to 90 °. Reliability came, power was shown and proper synergy began to lead to the first podium at Silverstone in 2021. Aleix Espargaro He was then happy to be eighth in the drivers ’championship and was planning a top 5 for 2022. But here the title is contested after securing his first victory, also unprecedented for the manufacturer at this level of competition, in Argentina.

In this journey that can be valued as edifying, Massimo Rivola takes stock in an interview with Speedweek. A discourse through which we can detect his method. This is what he says about the human contributions of other horizons that he has made possible, coming from Formula 1 but also from … Suzuki: “ they came to work with an open mind and helped us with their visions. The biggest difficulty for the technicians who come from Formula 1 is that there the teams are made up of at least 500 people, some have more than 1,000. In Ferrari too. So if you come from a team of 1,000 employees in MotoGP, where 100 people work, you have to think and act differently. This learning is continuous, it is part of our daily work “.

A general philosophy that can be found in another of his achievements: the arrival, finally, of a satellite team. Listening to him, we understand what he convinced Razlan Razali to leave Yamaha : ” we need to monitor the business plan and budget we have for the satellite equipment. The choice of pilots is not a problem for us. That’s why I don’t have sleepless nights. What worries me most is that we need to build good structures for the client team. We are working on it “.

Massimo Rivola: when eight Ducati race against two Aprilia and two Suzuki, this constructors ’championship doesn’t make much sense

Rivolawho remembers that it is Aprilia who will pay the RNF pilots, adds: “ since everything is new and we don’t want to make a bad impression on the client team, it’s complicated. We don’t want to stretch the budget too much. For us, the customer team is an opportunity to strengthen the company. We can hire new staff and put more bikes on the net. If we come to the business plan with the client’s team, this is perfect for us. Because it means that without additional investments we will have twice as many bikes on the network, we will give a better overall picture and we will get more data and more engineers will analyze the data. An opportunity when you know that, given its good results, Aprilia has lost the concession point privileges in the settlement.

That said, Massimo Rivola He has also toured what is now his paddock and comments with this disarming frankness on one of its aspects: “ of the three championships, the constructors ’title is the most useless. And when eight Ducati race against two Aprilia and two Suzuki like now, this championship doesn’t make much sense … The World Wall Championship is more valuable. Because this championship reflects the performance of the two drivers you use on the factory team “. A ranking where Aprilia is currently in charge …

Massimo Rivola, head of racing at Aprilia

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