MotoGP, Massimo Rivola explains Aprilia’s leap forward: improved quality control included with Aleix Espargaró

Massimo Rivola is the man whose Aprilia moved to MotoGP to finally take his step forward and thus obtain results worthy of the powerful European group to which he belongs: Piaggio. Stuck in the category since 2015 with the RS-GP project, the latter has only truly revealed itself since 2019 to arrive at this 2022 campaign where it is the weapon of a possible title for an Aleix Espargaró who has tuned Which is also a revelation.

Paddock’s watchers agree: he never imagined seeing Alex Espargaro at such a party in a race for the MotoGP title, on any bike. It must be said that the Spaniard’s statistics do not really define him as a terror capable of becoming king in the first category. Because he had never won anything before. And then it was the year 2021 where he climbed to a podium and this year 2022 where he is second in the provisional general classification of Fabio Quartararo 21 points behind. He has a victory, acquired in Argentina, the only one of his career at this level at the moment, and, above all, he has scored in the 11 contested races that have marked the first part of this season.

Massimo Rivola appreciate these results all the more because they are by no means an accident. On the other hand, they are the reflection of a global dynamic based on solid bases. He explains this synergy with more pleasure as he draws a parallel with his former and prestigious boss in Formula 1: Ferrari. In Speedweek, the Italian reveals the following: ” when you’re far behind technically, you have to find ways to close the gap quickly. And when you need to improve performance, quality often suffers.. Look at Ferrari in Formula 1, what’s happening there right now “. I April does better than Ferrari in its dedicated field: ” we have become a better company. Quality control has also been improved “.

Massimo Rivola: Aleix Espargaró has started to think a little more and Brad Binder impresses me

A metamorphosis that did not occur naturally. We had to work for it. Rivola points out as follows: we have progressed everywhere. You can’t name one area that has made us more efficient. Nor is there any aspect that stands out that we could define as the great turning point. Little by little we have improved in all areas “.

A change that pours into Alex Espargaro who understood that the opportunity of his life had arrived: he observed the trend of us becoming a better company and our bike becoming more and more powerfulhe also wanted to show us that he could deliver the desired performance. Before that, the bike wasn’t ready for the top spots. Now we don’t have the best bike in the field, but we can be ahead. Keep Alex calm. Aleix began to think a little more. As a result, his performance has become more consistent says the director of Aprilia Racing.

The same, incidentally, congratulates a pilot who impresses him, as if to let him know the existence ofApril where he would undoubtedly be welcomed with open arms…” Consistency is extremely important given today’s level of competition, drivers like Brad Binder are very impressive. And he doesn’t just make it to the finish line, he’s often up there with the front runners. At Mugello, he was only 2 seconds off the podium. Even less in Assen. It impresses me “. The message got through, but the South African is under contract KTM until 2024.

Alex Espargaro

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