MotoGP: “Marc Márquez and those who allowed him to return three days after such an important operation made a serious mistake,” but who said so?

Marc Márquez, until this damn month of July 2020 in Jerez, fed the chronicle by his repeated feats, his successes and other figures dominated with his fiery Honda RC213V. He was writing history in real time and all the statistics were waiting to be conquered by this pilot convinced of his invincibility. A feeling that perhaps also nurtured in the heart of their hearts, but that has since been undone. Here we are in 2022 and Marc Márquez himself is now at the head of the medical chronicle, with this fourth right humerus operation in less than two years, when it is not diplopia that comes from time to time to further aggravate his case. . The issue is being debated today and the flashback seems to be happening with a paddock finally wondering what happened in Jerez in 2020 …

And that question is how a rider operated from a humerus fracture found himself trying to take part in a MotoGP Grand Prix three days after passing billiards. He returns when the protagonists of the paddock are asked their feelings about the umpteenth return of Marc Márquez after subsequent surgery. But this time it will be the last attempt because Marc Márquez he said it himself: this intervention made in the United States and from which he is recovering will have been the last.

A sensitive issue that was debated Francesco Guidottinow team director on the official team KTM after years spent in the lair of Pramac Ducati. He also has a brother Giacomo who knows the stable well Repsol Honda… The Italian states in statements quoted to motorionline: ” beyond the injury that can happen during a race, Marc Márquez made a big mistake in wanting to return three days after such a major operation and such a serious injury. It was a mistake of his and those who allowed him to return to the chair “.

Marc Márquez and the doctors are the two parties who have the most responsibility for everything that happened

He adds: ” in my opinion the team has little responsibility, maybe they advised him not to get on the bike again, but when it comes to a strong character and personality like those of Marc Márquez, with the support and permission of the doctor, don’t stop it.. If the team has any responsibility, it is very limited “. thus cleaning Alberto Puigtake the iron to another place: he made the mistake with the doctors. These are the two parties that have the most responsibility for everything that turned out, the second operation, the third and now the fourth. “.

From the second operation, where the infection then took place, the bulk of the problems were unleashed. The second operation became necessary after the obligation to want to return to the track immediately. If he had been healthy after the first operation, he probably would have avoided all the ordeal that followed. “It simply came to our notice then. Thus giving his view of things, Guidotti he does not seem to believe for a single second that this second intervention was caused by a domestic accident as a result of the opening of a large window, as officially announced.

And now ? The same Guidotti can’t hide your doubts: I really hope he comes back but I doubt it will be as strong as before. These operations will no doubt leave their mark on the physical plane, while on the mental plane, they will return to 100% strength and determination. Despite this, I doubt very much that he can shoot with the same impetuousness as before. I hope I’m wrong, but I think it will be hard to get back to what it was before he finishes.

Marc Márquez

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