MotoGP Livio Suppo Suzuki: “I don’t criminalize Taka Nakagami, he’s not a criminal”

The accident at the start of the Catalan Grand Prix he is still talking. It will be recalled that the dynamics of the events were triggered by Taka Nakagami. The latter, after a quick start from his twelfth position that made him out in the leading group, lost the front of his Honda at the start of the first corner. The director of the Suzuki team, Livio Suppo, was even more exasperated by the show that one of the two collateral victims of the Japanese, with Bagnaia, is one of its drivers, in this case Alex Rins who now has a wrist broken. He returns to the facts by loosening the loop of the LCR pilot, but continuing to prick the anvil of the Race Direction …

Livio Suppo issued a protest from the manufacturer to the Race Management Suzuki which represents from the first minutes after Taka Nakagami he found himself with four irons in the air, crawling in his fall Weather in Pecco Bagnaia i Alex Rins. A process that was processed in ten minutes by officials who concluded that a race incident. A procedure and an epilogue that the Italian has not yet digested.

He also talks to Mowmag about it, revealing from time to time that his anger was also activated Taka Nakagami at that time he evolved into a benevolent cardigan. But for the career directionis the same price: we officially ask to analyze the accident, even if the communication “no further investigation” appears in the sixth round he smokes again, and adds: ” in my opinion, it was the biggest mistake they made : with the three drivers involved out of the race, there was no rush, they were able to get an idea calmly. An incident like this should not be decided in 10 minutes watching the race “.

Therefore, the focus is on officials. Because about NakagamiLivio Suppo no longer shoots in the ambulance: Taka, he’s fine with me as well as Lucio, Guidotti and the whole team, though he must understand that he made a great mistake “Because for him, the facts began before reaching the first corner:” he crossed the track from right to left in a very dangerous way. If everyone starts doing this at the end of the straight they will fall for sure “.

Livio Suppo: Knowing Honda well, I think Taka Nakagami is under monstrous pressure

It wasn’t, he continues supposea normal racing accident: ” I was also involved as a team leader in 2006 with the accident between Sète Gibernau and Loris Capirossi. But there it was different, they were attacked and Sète hit Loris. It’s a racing accident. If we start cutting the road, this is another issue: let’s say it also made a good start, the problem was to cut the road that way. Pol Espargarò could have done a lot of harm “.

Then Livio Suppo contextualizes the facts, recalling the situation of Nakagami. So the Japanese have the pressure Honda : on the one hand Ai Oguraof Moto2, could take his place at the end of the season, on the other hand HRC is waiting for technical instructions from his compatriot, who seems to have understood this RC213V less than the others: ” Knowing the HRC environment well, I think it is under monstrous pressure “He explained suppose.

Marc Márquez is no longer there and Honda wants to understand in which direction to develop the bike. Takeo Yokoyama, HRC’s technical director, is still in Taka’s box I think that puts a lot of pressure on him. Also because I think it has not yet been confirmed next year. Anyway, I’m not criminalizing Taka. I see, he’s not a criminal. What is very serious is that the college of officials decided everything in ten minutes without realizing it. »Finish a Livio Suppo who has a hard tooth against the clan Freddie Spencer.

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