MotoGP Japan J1: For Marc Marquez (Honda/6), one lap is fine, more than five damage hello

Marc Márquez did not miss his entry in this Japanese Grand Prix that follows last weekend’s in Aragon which marked his return to competition. In Spain he had missed his direct entry to Q2, a deadline he may have already met this Friday in Motegi as it should rain tomorrow Saturday. The Honda circuit has honored the brand’s official bikes as his teammate Pol Espargaró is also in the top 10 in a seventh place that he has not seen for years. That said, all is not well for all of that, and especially from a physical standpoint for the eight-time title holder…

This Friday in Motegi, honda he kept up the appearances Japanese Grand PrixBut Marc Marquez he quickly reminds punters of the Tokyo brand that they would be wrong if they were already shining. On the one hand because it is far from having the form to withstand this performance achieved in a lap at the distance of a race, and because, on the other hand, the proposed layout is quite particular compared to the others that are offered throughout the season.

On this point, the Spaniard explains: here the bend is practically non-existent in the corners, you go with the brake all the way and turn in a short time, and hit the gas he said ” You don’t have to actually negotiate a curve. The corner is not that important, so Pol and I put the Hondas in the top 10, which is also important for them. But it is true that we usually do not have the characteristics of this circuit “.

This speaks for itself: I have a little pain in my arm here on this circuit and above all I feel that strength is still lacking. I heard it in Misano and Aragon, but here the braking phases are very, very long. That’s why I have a little more trouble. So it will be difficult to run the race with a full attack. We’ll see how consistent we can be throughout the weekend. To do several laps in a row I know I’m far, but the important thing is that now I do four or five laps and I can drive as I want. The rest is yet to come “.

Marc Marquez: We’ll see what the goal is on Saturday based on how I feel when I wake up »

However, the Repsol Honda spearhead was certainly pleased with his sixth position in this one FP1 extended by the fact that it was the only MotoGP session of the day: ” the bike seems to work well on this track because our weaknesses are less noticeable. I immediately felt good on the bike. I tried really hard today because we only had one session and it should rain tomorrow “, he remembers.” So it was important to be in the top 10. It makes racing so much easier. Because when you start in the top 10, it’s easier. And it’s easier if you go straight to Q2. So that was the main goal. We’ll see what the goal is on Saturday based on how I feel when I wake up ».

The Kalex aluminum swingarm was reviewed at Motegi on Friday on the 93-stamped RC213V: “ I only used the aluminum swingarm today », confirms the 29-year-old pilot. ” If it rains on Saturday, we have to decide with the team whether we will use the aluminum or carbon swingarm. But it’s more a matter of quantity, because we have more carbon swingarms and more spares in case of an accident. Today I went straight to the track with the aluminum swingarm. But we still don’t know exactly which one is the best. We still have to analyze it in depth”added Marc Márquez, who finished: ” I hope with all my heart that it will rain, so that I can already be in the top ten “.

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