MotoGP: Is Suzuki no longer a family? Team leader Livio Suppo responds

The men in Suzuki uniforms are going through a strange and difficult time, on the front lines of a MotoGP front of which they already know they will be demobilized by the end of the year. So why still go on fire and give it your all, as the fatal outcome is known? It would be legitimate for the energy to be rather deployed for a reconversion under other heavens. We are talking about professional survival. A crisis situation imposed by an employer whose board of directors has shown how little it took into account the dedication of its staff to its cause, by deciding, in a cold and distant vote, to remove them from its organization chart . Since that decision, the results no longer follow. There would be cause and effect according to some and the atmosphere within the team would no longer be what it was. His boss on the field Livio Suppo responds, and wants to close ranks for a decent start.

Suzuki who leaves MotoGP for not respecting their commitments over time is a scenario that has already been experienced. In 2011, in fact, the Hamamatsu brand reported the financial crisis to pack and throw its GSV-R in the container, leaving its only pilot at the time. Álvaro Bautista on the tile. An episode that remains in the memory of those who now play the title at the WSBK Ducatiand all the more so as his situation at that time was worse than he knew at present Joan Mir i Alex Rins. The Spanish remember: luckily, they already warned the pilots that they would be leaving, because they told me at the end of the season, so I didn’t have time to react elsewhere. I’m surprised, but at the same time they’ve done it in the past … “.

However, to say it before, even in a confusing way since the news only became official many days after a solid rumor, also has its disastrous consequences. Speaking of your pilot Joan Mirthe same man who regained a Suzuki title at the Grand Prix after 20 years of abstinence, the coach paco sanchez painted this alarming portrait of the Ecstar team: the bike is not going, the technicians are looking for their future even if they say they are all going together … They are not 100%, they do not have that team spirit. Davide Brivio knew how to manage his wills and egos very well, making this team a big family. He is lost and no longer a family “.

We need to find the motivation to finish this last season with Suzuki in the best way possible.

What he achieved Briviohowever a vacant season of the post does not agree with this analysis. Livio Suppo rises thus to the crenel: sure he was a big shock to everyonebut it is difficult to say whether this influenced the performance of the pilots he declared what he also officiated in his time at Ducati and Honda. ” However, the two riders will soon know where they will compete next year and will be more relaxed “.

He adds: ” the team had an extraordinary reaction, everyone kept working as if nothing had happened and the atmosphere stayed good, I couldn’t believe seeing them still smiling so much. I’ve been here recently, but I couldn’t ask for a better team “.

Livio Suppo concludes with this message that seems to be the last general mobilization: “ I can’t wait for the rest of the season: the bike was competitive earlier this year and it still is, the riders are strongwe need to find the motivation to finish this last season with Suzuki in the best way possible “.

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