MotoGP: in Pecco Bagnaia, the Ducati season and the complaints of the competition, CEO Claudio Domenicali empties his bag!

Claudio Domenicali is the head of a Ducati manufacturer that can boast, after this half season in MotoGP, of the best results in victories and pole positions. But he regrets, at the same time, seeing his best overall driver only in third place, 58 points behind leader Fabio Quartararo with Yamaha. Worse, a fellow Aprilia, but also a rival for national supremacy, is advancing. Not to mention that its factory drivers are not among the best ranked in the race for a title that is the main goal set since 2007. The succession of Casey Stoner is not easy, even with the best machine in the field and challenges the boss who tells his four truths this summer vacation. In the autumn we will have to do better …

Claudio Domenicali has emptied the bag in this half season of MotoGP that has brought a lot of satisfaction, but in an order too scattered. The first of the rope, Weather in Pecco Bagnaia, designated for promotion to the title, proved too friable and the latest news that put him at the center of a material accident that revealed driving under the effects of an alcoholic state did not help the Italian. Finally, the general manager of the Borgo Panigale plant did not escape the fact that his motorcycles were in the crosshairs of a moralizing competition that found in the issues of advancement and safety the chimeras to hide his incompetence to do -so well within the framework of an absolutely respected regulation.

Claudio Domenicali So, it was enough to say what he had in his heart, and he did not hesitate to give some indications on the occasion of what he would like to see in the second part of the season … Before pouring, calm down at one point: the team is united and the weather is positive A mood that counts at a time when, before the end of August, there will be an arbitration between Enea Bastianini i jorge martin to find out who, of the two, will be the teammate Weather in Pecco Bagnaia.

Claudio Domenicali: Pecco Bagnaia lacks a bit of maturity

Exactly, Weather in Bagnaia… The boss does not hide the Ibiza affair: “ Gigi Dall’Igna got in touch with him, I didn’t need my intervention “, dit Sundays to ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’. ” Pecco immediately understood that this was inappropriate behavior. And he said it publicly “On what was to be the first pilot, he adds:” he has talent and determination. Bye now, he lacked a pinch of maturity in some races, it is the last step to take to win the World Championship. But I think, those points can be recovered “.

Of course, but for now, Weather in Bagnaia not as expected Ducati. Claudio Domenicali acknowledges that this place must be taken within his troops: ” we miss the striker. On the other hand, some teams have built the whole draft on an ace and that makes you too dependent, because if the ace is missing … “In any case, in 2023, Ducati organizes a trio. The CEO says: Bastianini and Martin will have an official Desmosedici, with all the material and developments in real time. It’s like having three pilots. The only difference will be that one will have the official Ducati pound and the other that Pramac “.

Claudio Domenicali he ends his speech with a thought for a competition he often thinks of on his motorcycles: “ it makes me smile, because some teams spend twice as much as us just to pay for a pilot. Do they say the front wing gets in the way? Watch Aleix Espargaró’s race in Assen, a manual overtaking. Some decisions just seem political to me, and that bothers me to some extent The return to Silverstone on August 7 should be in the tone of this current season: exciting.

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