MotoGP: “If I were Freddie Spencer, I’d give up, because when people like Lin Jarvis attack you, you’re fucked,” but who said that?

Carmelo Ezpeleta wanted to avoid it at all costs and saw how the blow came against the team of Freddie Spencer in charge of discipline in the peloton of the Grand Prix of Catalonia. But Barcelona’s “Nakagamigate”, as a result of which Dorna’s boss made it clear that he wanted the panel of FIM commissioners to be respected, followed the Quartararo affair in Assen. The dike set up by Ezpeleta to contain the avalanche of criticism gave way to the Netherlands, and in particular under pressure from people weighing on the paddock. It was from Yamaha that came a frontal and brutal attack on the authority of the referees, and in particular from a boss on the field Lin Jarvis who thus set a real precedent. That we will now have to assume.

The panel of FIM commissioners whose symbol is Freddie Spencer had aroused the wrath of MotoGP riders by evaluating the action of Taka Nakagami as a fact of competing in Catalonia. The same angry at high places At Yamaha by sanction Fabio Quartararo after his failed overtaking maneuver Aleix Espargaro. The Frenchman will have to go through a long lapse, during the return race at Silverstone, after a five-week summer break and while the Aprilia official was able to resume competition in the Netherlands and regain 14 points in the French championship, which then abandoned a second fall …

It is clear that, given the situation, Fabio Quartararo thus he seems doubly punished. And the legitimacy of his sanction, already heavily undermined, will seem all the less obvious that it will have to be achieved after a long delay imposed by the calendar, and at the beginning of the last part of the season, that is, a moment when everyone would have wanted to forget this affair to start again with a good foundation.

This field of ruin remains after the dreaded Battle of Assen Carmelo Ezpeleta. He can impose silence on the pilots but he has been overwhelmed on his flank by people who have high positions like him and who therefore have a vocation to be above the fight. To understand the impact of this charge of Lin Jarvisreference should be made to the analysis seen on made by the former Grand Prix driver and British champion Keith Huewen.

Freddie Spencer’s position has become untenable

On this aspect of the subject, he says: Freddie Spencer’s position has become untenable now. I if I were Freddie Spencer, I would give up, just in principlesince it seems like I no longer have the confidence of the drivers or the teams “. Huewen add: ” once the big guns come out like Lin Jarvis and they start throwing big grenades at you, you’re fucked, really “. And it ends: let me add one more thing: nobody wants this job. When they got Freddie Spencer, he used to know who the candidates were and no one wanted to. No one wants to do it yet “.

And it is not with what is happening that the vocations will be born … ” We are dealing with intelligent people of great power. And here, we have a public coup session, blaming the scapegoat who is Freddie Spencer “Insists the Briton who regrets this turn of events:” why do we have to wash clothes in public anyway? If they are not happy with the way FIM Commissioners work, why not manage it behind the scenes in the right way? “.

That is precisely what Carmelo Ezpeleta he tried to make it clear. But the harm is done. And the situation is this: you need consistency. This is the main argument. I agree, the current system is not great, but how will we fix it? How will Dorna, IRTA and the teams get to a better system? concluded Keith Huewen. Lin Jarvis would you have an idea?

Taka Nakagami

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