MotoGP Germany J2 Debriefing Francesco Bagnaia (Ducati / 1): “not everyone can have the same opinion”, etc. (Whole)

This Saturday, June 18, 2022, Francesco Bagnaia he answered questions from journalists at the Sachsenring circuit at the end of the second day of the German Grand Prix.

Although he scored 66 points in the championship and had a lot of bad luck in Barcelona, ​​the Ducati rider who broke the circuit record is currently doing very well and knows that there is still a long way to go …

As alwayswe report here the words of Francesco Bagnaia without any format, even if it is translated from English.

Pecco, you said yesterday that it was your best Friday of the season … Suppose it’s your best Saturday too …
Francesco Bagnaia “Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Looks like BT aint for me either. “It’s easy to focus on the tires and what to do in the race with the worn out tires. So it was great to start like this. Today the classification has not been easy. a bit of wind that bothered me a bit, but anyway, I’m very, very happy with this pole position on a circuit where I fought harder last year. ”

Tomorrow will probably be even hotter and the 30 laps will be long: what kind of race do you expect?
“Maybe we can ask the other MotoGP riders to reduce the number of laps a bit, and everyone would agree (laughs). Either way, it will not be an easy race, as we will have to choose between two tires: one has more potential but degrades more, and the other has less potential but degrades less. Therefore, it is very difficult to choose one and it is also difficult to set a very strong pace in these conditions without destroying the rear tire. But I think the three riders here, with Aleix, have a very good pace and it will not be easy to create a gap. It will be absolutely crucial to be in the lead from the first lap without overheating the front tire. That will be the main goal tomorrow. »

Do you see anyone who can escape with you and Fabio Quartararo tomorrow?
“It’s hard to know now because looking at the FP4 you can see that many riders have tested different front tires. It is also difficult to predict due to conditions. I think Johann and Aleix also have a good rhythm. Maybe a little slower, but when you have someone in front of you, it helps to be a little faster. It’s hard to know. I also don’t know how I can push at the start of the race, because today I tried but the tire wear has been a bit more than yesterday. So now it’s hard to know. »

What will be the biggest challenge tomorrow?
“The fact that we will have 30 laps and that we will have to stay focused during all these laps. It’s never easy, but it’s something we can do! Last year it was easy for me because I was far behind: I was 16th and I had to climb a lot of positions. So it was a quick race for me. But when you are in front and you have to lead all the laps, it is always more difficult, as well as in terms of the wear of the rear tire and also the front. There are many things that are not easy on this circuit. »

Can you tell us what the issue was in the security committee?
“We talked about the fall in Barcelona and the fact that there were no red or criminal flags for Taka. We just asked why. The reason. If they decided, it was right, but we were between 15 and 20 pilots on the safety committee, and obviously not everyone can have the same opinion. »

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