MotoGP Germany J1, Raul Fernandez (KTM / 25) responds to Pit Beirer: “Hervé Poncharal is the opposite, he is one of my favorite team leaders”

Fortunately, for Honda, there is KTM in MotoGP, which allows us to tell the Japanese that there are worse than them. For now, it’s as if there’s a big cleanup at Mattighofen’s house. Miguel Oliveira, who is his most successful driver in the category with four victories, is at the start while the two newcomers Remy Gardner and Raul Fernandez have learned from Pit Beirer, sporting director of the brand, that they are ultimately mistakes. And in particular Raúl Fernández, particularly identified in these options evaluated as uninspired. Meanwhile, the RC16s sink in the ranking while, behind the scenes, other people will disappear from the landscape …

In the house of KTM, when things don’t go well, we cut the fat. We remember the resounding withdrawal of Moto2 and if we are not in MotoGP, it is not Suzuki whoever wants, however we review his copy. Jack Miller it arrives, but apart from it, it is the opening song sung for the Austrian brand’s staff. A melody that is sometimes accompanied by harsh lyrics, such as pit beirer who proclaims to those who hear him that he regrets the bet made Raúl Fernández.

The latter, however, had said that he would have liked to do one more year at Moto2, but as he was getting closer at the time to Yamaha, was launched in the background with the RC16. There he loses his footing and drinks his glass. Even now they are pushing their head underwater. In Germany, the Moto2 world runner-up has commented on the positions taken by pit beirer

At Todocircuito, we discover his words: “ in the end life goes by stages, and honestly, there are stages that go by and that’s it »As the companion of Remy Gardner. ” You can’t look at the past and say “if I hadn’t fallen in Misano I might have won now” or “if I had started winning in Moto3 before I might have won”. What matters is that we can’t do anything today. I am here, I work and I give all the information possible, being as professional as possible. I try to take small steps, because I think our position is to be further ahead in the standings “.

Raúl Fernández: Hervé Poncharal treats me like a son, and I treat him like a father in the paddock

He adds: ” I haven’t talked much to Pit Beirer, the last time was three races ago, because he didn’t come. I am very comfortable with the team, with Hervé Poncharal is quite the opposite, it reassures me, it instills in me the spirit of patience. He’s one of my favorite team leaders, he treats me like a son and I treat him like a father in the paddock. The rest does not count “He concludes number 25, who did not have an easy Friday in Germany, finishing 25th after the first two free practice sessions on Friday.

Meanwhile, the agitation is still in order in the ranks of KTM. Like this, Esteban Garcia ceases to be the technical director of Tech3 KTM. It was the nexus between Tech3 pilots and KTM engineers, trying to guide the two novices in their new challenge in the queen category, a route that is much more complicated than initially expected. ” Esteban will supervise everything that happens and talk to the engineers between each session to pass on the information of each team leader, because there is not much time in a competition weekend everything is very tight.“, said the French chief Garcia a few months ago, when he was received on the team Technique 3.

In Germany, however, Todocircuito learned itEsteban Garcia he will stop working as the technical director of the French structure. It would keep a place on the KTM organization chart in a position that has not yet been announced, and the reasons why García will stop performing these functions have not been made public …


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