MotoGP: Franco Morbidelli’s problem revealed by Massimo Meregalli!

The Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP team presents this year its two factory riders, Fabio Quartararo and Franco Morbidelli, with a Yamaha YZR-M1 that has barely changed since last season.

The former quickly realized that there was no need to focus on an ever-deficient top-speed engine and, from the Grand Prix of the Americas, re-exploited to the full the qualities of the Iwata machine that already brought him the world. title last year. The strategy is currently bearing fruit, as the Frenchman leads the world halfway through the season against a group of European machines.

But on the other side of the box, it’s a total inconvenience with a Franco Morbidelli who has a pretty amazing total of 147 points behind his own teammate! This year, it is hard to remember that the Italian, however, led the difficult part to Fabio Quartararo in 2020, finishing the season in substitution of runner-up, while The Devildespite fighting for the title for much of the year, he faced the demons during the final races.

What about “Franky”?
In a sense, it could be said that if in 2020 Fabio Quartararo sometimes he had trouble rediscovering the sensations of his 2019 bike, this year it is Franco Morbidelli who regrets his 2020 car: history is an eternal beginning …

Massimo Meregalli was explained on the subject at the last Assen Grand Prix, revealing that the main problem of the Italian was that his M1 2022 offers … too much grip!

“Right now we are facing this situation and, as I said before, we are convinced of Franco’s action and speed. We are currently really looking for a solution that will allow you to be more comfortable with the bike to be faster and consistent. Because, in my opinion, the results of the races probably don’t show what you’ve done in the remaining races, while the pace you’ve shown in the sessions is already increasing. What is missing now is the attack on the clock: it is suffering and it is also very difficult to understand that it complains that it has too much grip! And so he can’t turn and skate as much as he would like. »

Those who still remember the eternal complaints of Yamaha riders for lack of grip will not believe their ears, nor Andrea Dovizioso who complains to the contrary on the handlebars of the same bike, but it is nevertheless the reality revealed by the director of the official Yamaha team that also specifies that the output of Ramon Forcada of the official team has nothing to do with the current catastrophic situation.

“I don’t think that’s the problem that hasn’t put Franky in a place where we all want him to be. He’s happy with his work group and we also have a lot of confidence in Patrick Primmer’s skills. So, in my opinion , was already a Yamaha rider in 2020 and now he only moved with a different bike than the one from 2020, while sometimes he tries to find the same feeling.But in the end, we try to tell him that the 2022 bike has different characteristics .So we are working to try to make him comfortable on this bike with the staff we have, and we also think the staff we have is very good.
I am rather convinced that with a better starting position your results in the race would certainly be better, because as you know, and especially for us, it is not easy to climb positions during the races. So when we achieve the goal of getting him to go further, I think we’ll start to see how Franco regains speed. »

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