MotoGP, Franco Morbidelli has no illusions: “Whoever looks to the future calmly is stupid”

Franco Morbidelli does not know the success on the handlebars of his official Yamaha, and that is the least we can say. He is light years away from his teammate Fabio Quartararo who leads the provisional general classification in the middle of the season with three victories and as a starter. Until recently, I was happy to have a contract until 2023, without which I would definitely be headed for the exit. A serenity that no longer shows in the part of manager of Joan Mir, we admitted that we were waiting for him to open the way for him to settle down. Since then, the Italian-Brazilian has acknowledged that precariousness is everything in this paddock …

Franco Morbidelli would he be overcome at the last minute by the pains of the transfer market? It would be a theatrical coup because, like Brad Binderof Weather in Pecco Bagnaia and of Marc Márquez, assured of their fate until 2024 for years, should not be considered in this cruel game of musical chairs. But since The manager of Joan Mir he said he kept in touch Lin Jarvis for a place in Yamaha who would be released after a desertion, one wonders about the Italian-Brazilian with the results at half-mast. Because Fabio Quartararo has just renewed the lease until 2024.

Regarding the precariousness of his position, which is nevertheless guaranteed by contract, he replies: “ I wonder why they ask me this question all the time. I guess the reason is that if a driver doesn’t work as expected, he won’t feel safe . ”And he’s probably right, especially when there’s a 2020 world champion who needs a future knocking on the door knocked by the three tuning forks.

And there has already been a mid-season precedent: Romano Fenati, for example, lost his place in Moto2 because his results did not meet the team’s expectations. But Morbidelli is not afraid of such a dismissal: ” I trust my team and I trust their contractual loyalty. They are all good people. And I hope to get good results to dispel any doubts about my 2023 contract he says. So many reminders that still betray as a hovering doubt …

Franco Morbidelli: a world champion is without a bike, so that changes thingss ”

He is also well aware that this gray area is seizing the premature exit of Suzuki from the output grid. And it is also another fact that proves that nothing is safe in MotoGP … ” Personally, I don’t think this news is good for the sport. It is not positive that something like this happens “, he commented Morbidelli at the announced end of the GSX-RR. ” Above all, it is a pity to see that so many skilled workers are out of work overnight. “.

Suzuki is a very good team, very strong, and to say you are not going to continue even if you have a contract with Dorna is incomprehensible. It’s a very bad situation, a bad episode “Francky” told Motorport-Total that he is well aware that this turn can also happen to him Yamaha : ” this new situation will surely shake the market because a world champion is without a motorcycle. So that changes things “.

Although for Joan Mirthere is a high probability that it will end up in the Repsol Honda box next to it Marc Márquez, it seems that no contract has yet been signed to finally formalize the trend. That makes you say it Morbidelli this: ” no one can be sure of the future. Who can be sure today of what the future holds? No one. Whoever looks to the future calmly is stupid Will we see a final upswing in this transfer market?

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