MotoGP – Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha) prepared his long lap during free practice for the race

Five weeks have passed. But they didn’t understand. It was nice to spin the issue in all directions, hard to find a justification for the penalty that Fabio Quartararo will have to take at Silverstone on Sunday, after being penalized for an over-aggressive maneuver in Assen before the summer holidays. The pilots didn’t get it either. Even the Frenchman’s direct rivals, Aleix Espargaro and Francesco Bagnaia, expressed their disagreement during the traditional press conference on Thursday.
But what’s done is done and for the Frenchman, these five weeks have allowed him to digest. Hot, he had trusted her to think about not trying to advance any further. “When he says that, I don’t think it’s truesmiled his Championship runner-up, Aleix Espargaró. It will double a lot“Niçois now hopes that his case is not unprecedented, while other, much more dangerous maneuvers at the start of the season had not been sanctioned.”They [les commissaires] a balance must be foundstressed the tricolor champion. This is the most important thing to not make our sport boring.”

British Grand Prix

Espargaro responds to Quartararo, Zarco at the pace


On Friday, during the first two practices, “El Diablo” was not bored. If he had made sure, the day before, not to think too much about his penalty, he still spent a good part of his day studying the problem. On Sunday, in the race, he will have to do a “long lap”, that is to say, do a longer section of the circuit during one of the three laps after the signalling. So, in order not to leave anything to chance, the Frenchman went there several times.

Quartararo in the blind spot

Goal? Work on your trajectory and your orientations, in order to limit the loss of precious time. During the early laps of the race, the peloton will still be bunched up, so dropping two seconds on the road can result in many positions being lost, which will be difficult to recover on such a track with the lack of engine power of Yamaha. During his repeated tests, Quartararo was able to find a little more confidence, a few tenths, as he cleared the track to make it less dusty. Thus, the Nice should not lose more than two seconds in the matter.

Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha) during free practice at the British Grand Prix, 5 August 2022

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He won’t risk it anyway. “I don’t have to go crazy with ithe relied on his report for the day. There’s no point in risking a drop by a tenth or two.” Especially since he may have worked on it in practice, the success of this maneuver will not depend on him alone. In turn N.14, the moment could be difficult to live.

Of course, I will lose time there but above all I will go out on a trajectory where the other pilots will not see me.analyzed the Yamaha rider. And I can’t do much about it, because I’ll be on the road and I won’t stop“In order to limit the damage, Quartararo also worked on an exercise that he masters perfectly, namely the pursuit of the clock, in an attempt to grab a more important stick than ever. On Friday, then, he was the only one who completed a lap in less than one minute and 59 seconds, leaving no room for chance.

British Grand Prix

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British Grand Prix

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