MotoGP Ducati: For Pecco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin, aerodynamics and leveling corrector do not exert any bad influence on the course of the races.

Although Ducati should be congratulated for its inventiveness developed with full respect for the rules, some would like to demonize the brand in the name of a MotoGP that has deviated from its technical innovations. It’s a debate started by losers so desperate they’re calling for a rule change. The idea that we can no longer overcome in a category that would approach the canons of Formula 1 has been hammered home and taken to the point of questioning safety. This hysteria made us forget to simply watch the races to check that he was still ahead, and that the differences between the protagonists had never been so small. Tracks that show open and exciting competition. The pilots testify to that. So Pecco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin.

About the mischief of the fins and the apparatus used to correct the attitude of the bikes in the race, we have heard very bad things from those who are unable to develop these elements, because they have not believed when Ducati he started taking them to MotoGP. ” They criticize us and then copy us the head of Ducati said of his opponents Claudio Domenicali. But they also win political battles. The 2023 ban on FRHD, which is now completely legal, is proof of that.

And on the bike with riders on it, what does it look like? It depends. If you are Pol Espargaro it’s bad and it’s not good, but in a honda, it’s a bit like daily bread. In the house of Ducati, we had not really reacted to that which has all the aspects of a cabal, but with the summer hatched words that define another reality. The floor is on the defense.

So Pecco Bagnaia he commented on the aerodynamics that would prevent overtaking causing the front tire of one after the other to get terribly hot. Says “ I don’t think it prevents progress and Fabio Quartararo also agrees with me. In the races where I had to recover, I did and moved forward. Of course, the aerodynamics create more turbulence and it must also be said that we are always going to the limit, so in this situation it is very easy to go out to sea and make a mistake. “.

Pecco Bagnaia Ducati: ” if you are faster, no problem

He adds: ” at the same time, if you’re faster, you don’t have a problem, as evidenced by Rins who started last in Portimao and finished fourth, or myself who started last and finished eighth in Argentina, or Mugello where after the start I was ninth and I won. To sum up, if you have potential, you can overcome it “.

Now on to the crop corrector. This time it is George Martin who climbs the battlement: I think it’s even harder to advance without leveling devices “. Here are the updated cassandras. The Spaniard continues with motorsport-total explaining that the systems are also a proven cure for the wheels. With this device the front and rear can be adjusted, allowing you to play with the center of gravity and the balance

And electronics would have to intervene more if we didn’t have the gadgets. Without them we have to sacrifice more power “, add Martin. ” It’s better for us because the bike is more stable on the straights. It is less dangerous to have because we have fewer wheels and it is easier for us to roll “. So it’s also a system that promotes safety without harming the spectacle. The opposite camp says the exact opposite. But it doesn’t have the same results. Six of the eight Ducati riders competing have already been on the podium this year.

Francesco Bagnaia, Jorge Martin, Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas

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