MotoGP Ducati: “between Austria and Misano we will announce our second rider, but it is a difficult choice”

Ducati will have to cut this Gordian knot that currently binds Enea Bastianini and Jorge Matin around the second red machine in the official grid. A difficult choice that, however, was of the order of formality at the beginning of the year. Then, the Spaniard’s arrival at Bagnaia was out of the question. Then the Italian revealed himself, with three wins in GP21. His consideration arose from the source. Who will be chosen? It was announced at Borgo Panigale that everything will be decided at the end of August, but now there is talk of an announcement at the beginning of September, at Misano. The tension increases, which is also inexplicable because all the managers of Ducati assure that in red or in the Pramac, it will be the same, from the bike to the technical support and even in the salary…

In the house of Ducatilet’s hammer this in between George Martin i Enea Bastianini, in 2023 it will be the same treatment, but with different colors. Therefore, there is no a priori debate. But then why? George Martin constantly remind yourself that if you’re not wearing a red jumpsuit, you’ll look elsewhere? And also where? Unless, if there is any disappointment, we are witnessing a sensational heist honda ? As a result, there is still some kind of pressure.

On the one hand, there is therefore the Spaniard, Moto3 world champion in 2018, author of a victory for his debut in MotoGP, in Austriawith the Ducati from the Pramac team. On the other, there is the Italian, Moto2 world champion in 2020, who has already won three races with the Gresini team this year. Currently, the gap between the two in the championship is large, taking this into account Martin scored 81 points and Bastianini 118. And the latter put a point of honor to finish the last British Grand Prix a Silverstone ahead of the first, for a fourth place acquired despite one less wing in his GP21.

One thing is clear, however, from what the sporting director says David Tardozzi : ” both will be treated equally, both in Pramac and in the official team. Right now they have an equal chance on track, even though Bastianini has last year’s bike. “. And both were entitled to the rear wings in England. In this sense, they were better received by Bastianini for Martin.

The red Ducati? ” The results speak for themselves and lean towards Enea Bastianini rather than Jorge Martin

The contest director Paolo Ciabatti confirms the pattern described by Tardozzi : ” Both Enea and Jorge have the same opportunities. Obviously, each of them has its strengths and positives. A good thing is that both of them have signed with us. They will benefit from identical treatment in 2023, both economically and technically.. We don’t think either candidate will have any extra pressure as they will be paid exactly the same whether they drive for Pramac or the factory team. In addition, they will receive exactly the same bikes and the same technical support. “.

The Italian adds: in my opinion, we relieved the pilots with this approach. For sure, it could be even more prestigious if you get a contract from the Factory Ducati Lenovo team instead of Pramac “, he is aware ciabattaeven if you make the same money. It’s just a matter of whether you mount the factory colors or not. We don’t think that should make a difference. Because we promised Enea and Jorge identical stages of development and updates “.

Yes, at George Martinwe want red, the manager of Bastianini What is Carlo Pernat it seems more open. He argues thus: there is an agreement that provides for identical conditions, from all points of view, whether it is in the official team or with Pramac, of course, on the one hand there is the bike official of the team who represents the shield and the highest aspiration of a pilot, but on the other hand there is the possibility of finding oneself, with the same technical equipment and the same men, in an environment where the pressure, however, would be less “.

So what does it matter? Carlo Pernat still slipping…” The results speak for themselves and lean towards Enea more than Jorge Martin “. The upcoming Austrian Grand Prix promises to be explosive between the two men, and primarily because George Martin He loves this design of the Red Bull Ring where it has materialized Ducati in MotoGP during his rookie season. You must give the change to Bastianini which has already materialized three times this year.

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