MotoGP: Dear Pecco Bagnaia, enough is enough for us enthusiasts, as you are

After the fantastic victory at Silverstone, the temple of motorsport, Pecco Bagnaia has thanked Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner. But it wasn’t necessary at all…

By Paolo Gozzi from Corsedimoto

Pecco Bagnaiacan you tell me what Valentino Rossi i Casey Stoner does it have anything to do with it? You just noticed Silverstone, with a masterful performance, you withstood the attacks, signing the fourth success of the year in the elite category of the World Championship. Beyond the cold calculations of the classification, you are probably the only one who can try to reverse the inertia of a championship that still weighs next to Fabio Quartararo. Most importantly, you are now the flag Ducati, is the pride not only of a company that designs and markets high-end motorcycles, but of all Ducati people. A tide that a few days ago Misano, gathered ninety thousand people for the biennial party, arriving from all over the world. You were there, you saw it with your own eyes.

Today, dear Pecco, whether you like it or not, you are in the same position as the great pilots Ducati of the past as now Carl Fogarty, Troy Bayliss i Casey Stoner. Without taking anything away from the other great champions who have ridden and won in Superbike and MotoGP, here is the trio of wonders of Ducati. Star riders who have not only collected victories and world titles, but also helped make the phenomenon Ducati even bigger (also commercially). That it is not only a sport, but also an art of living, a way of understanding and experiencing motorcycling. King Carl, Troy and Casey, after such a victory, would never have dreamed of raising an inspirational driver, only his unmatched talent. They reportedly sent belligerent messages to their opponents and made incredible jokes that fans will remember decades later.

Pecco Bagnaia, what does Valentino Rossi have to do with it?

I understand that Valentino Rossi it had and still has considerable weight in your pilot training. He was a very valuable teacher, perhaps an irreplaceable guide. I understand that you live in a somewhat ungrateful era of motorcycles. this Pecco Bagnaia not good enough for the mainstream media, when it’s a fun day (almost always…) he drives so fast it looks Stoner. No, every time, you have to quote Valentino Rossi, to win the title. But you must avoid awkward combinations. Instead, this time you also fell in love: ” I asked him if he remembered anything that would help him go faster here. ยป

Andrea Dovizioso, still active, says he’s retiring because MotoGP has changed a lot in the last two years, and he’s gone. Then how Rossian ex, could help you, having won the last GP in 2017 and not driving it Ducati for exactly ten years? On the other hand, he just smiled Ducati v when he left her after two years of suffering. Unlike you, with Rossa you win in bursts! Next time, tell us about yourself: how you held them all back, even Maverick Vinales with the “enemy” Ducati Aprilthat he wanted to overtake you at all costs, how can you straighten out this world championship, in which there are eight GPs left and that he is very open to any solution, or talk to us about your elegant “Piedmontese”, your 25-year-old dreams. now ready to challenge everyone, even the holy monsters of the past. Pecco Bagnaia, it’s time you started thinking like a champion: not only on the court, but in front of the microphone as well. To us fans, you are enough, just the way you are.


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