MotoGP: Chronology of Marc Márquez’s two years of suffering

Honda rider Marc Marquez has spent the last two years of his life in surgery and wonders if he will ever be able to race at his previous level again. Now, after his latest surgery, he is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, although the road has not been easy.

Marc Marquez continue with the recovery of the right arm. Severely injured on July 19, 2020, during the Jerez Grand Prix, the eight-time champion has been on a tightrope for two years with a rhythm of one step forward and two steps back at each stage of his recovery.

Family name signal Ben could follow the word “resilience”, for the road, and what he has left, until his arm is fully recovered, has been and continues to be arduous. With endless ups and downs, from the occult to doubts about whether the pilot honda could run again During these two years, Marc himself doubted the relevance of his choices, forcing a situation that, perhaps, had no solution. But, fortunately, and after his last intervention, it seems that the way is beginning to open for the beer garden. Thomas Morsellino, however, has reminded of the precise chronology of the dangers encountered by the Spanish champion.

Marc Márquez: timeline of an endless recovery

Just two days after the fall, Marc underwent surgery for a fractured right humerus. 48 hours later, he travels to Jerez to compete in the Andalusian Grand Prix. On July 25 he got back on the bike, this time during free practice 3 of the Andalusian Grand Prix. The next day, after six laps in free practice 4, Marc and his team decide that this comeback attempt is better abandoned and that the recovery is slower.

Barely a week and a half later, on August 3, the team HRC Honda confirms it signal he underwent a second operation, as the titanium plate placed in the arm had suffered from excessive tension. The recovery should be longer and calmer. For Cerverenc, the 2020 world championship was going to end here.

In December, on the eve of the start of 2021, Marc Marquez he is again subjected to an operation, the third. After eight hours in the operating room, the Catalan driver had the titanium plate changed and, in addition, a bone graft was made on his humerus. A few days later, an infection is detected in the fracture, for which he had to spend a little more time in the hospital.

In April 2021, Marc confirmed his presence at the Algarve Grand Prix, in Portimao. A physically demanding circuit but in which he had an excellent weekend, qualifying in sixth position and finishing the race, without incident, in seventh position. Already in June and after having come close to victory in Le Mans, Márquez returns to the top in his garden: the Sachsenring. It seemed that little by little everything was coming back into place and Marc was regaining his confidence with the bike. Unfortunately, and despite winning three races in 2021, Marc is forced to sit out the season due to a new episode of diplopia, an injury that first occurred at Sepang 2011.

Already this year, the Honda rider started the world championship normally, although an accident in Indonesia awakened his double vision problems. After missing two races, he looks ready to make a comeback. However, soon after, he issues a statement announcing that he will undergo surgery again to stabilize his battered arm. The operation is carried out on June 3 and proves to be a complete success. So far, and after his four operations and episodes of double vision, Marc remains hopeful and strong to continue his recovery and be able to hit the tracks as soon as possible.

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