MotoGP, Chicho Lorenzo remains under the spell of Aleix Espargaró: “It was impressive, it’s a race that will remember for a lifetime”

This MotoGP season is exciting, it will still have surprises in store for us until its end, and it is not the last performance offered by Aleix Espargaró in Assen that will contradict this trend. In the Netherlands, Officer Aprilia has achieved the feat of reversing a moral situation marked by the stamp of fever since his mistake at the Grand Prix of Catalonia. This celebration of a second place a lap before the checkered flag might have been the culmination of his entire career, but he scratched it off by showing himself a conqueror and self-assured in an Assen cathedral that acquitted the his fish from Barcelona. Better yet, the Batavian arrival revealed a frank solidarity in the ranks of Aprilia that he was also able to count on in the decisive moments. So many elements that have not escaped a certain Chicho Lorenzo.

It was like a real miracle that happened in the cathedral of Assen, in a MotoGP, where it seems that you can no longer advance. A pilot namedAleix Espargaro he climbed from the fifteenth to the fourth position under the checkered flag, thus settling the count of eleven of his teammates, between them two at a time in a final forced braking that will be remembered. Who said MotoGP was boring?

Chicho Lorenzofor his part, he delighted in this Dutch Grand Prix and the great spectacle offered by the pilot Aprilia. With Manuel Pecino he analyzed the keys to the return ofAleix Espargaro in Assen. It will be recalled that the driver finished in fourth place after returning to track fifteen after the collision with Fabio Quartararo under known circumstances.

This race of Assen was undeniably marked by the return ofAleix Espargaro. During the first laps, a fall of Fabio Quartararo pilot format Aprilia off the track while running in second place. The largest of Pol Espargaro returned to the track in fifteenth position. It was then that the ascent began, which will remain in the annals, and more than that it ended with the great end of the double overtaking on the last bend of Brad Binder and of Jack Miller. The Granollers rider crossed the finish line in fourth place, behind his teammate Maverick Viñaleswho got his first podium with Aprilia.

Chicho Lorenzo He says in a new video on the YouTube channel ‘Motogepeando’: “It was awesome, it’s one of those historic races, one that will be remembered for the rest of your life. You can have great races throughout your life, but this one is very special for many reasons. But especially for the numbers “.

The father of Jorge Lorenzo revised turn – by – turn logsAleix Espargaroin which it is shown that the pilot Aprilia it had a pace similar to that of the leading pilots. ” With these numbers he would have won the race without any doubt. says the Spaniard, who nevertheless sees the essence of this achievement elsewhere: I’ve already talked about numbers and now I’ll talk about them what goes through the mind of a pilot in circumstances like this. We are talking about that with these figures, if it had not been for this attack of Quartararo with his fall, he would have ended up winning the race alone with an advantage of six. But it’s a theory, it’s not real ».

Aleix Espargaró was in an impressive state of euphoria »

And he explains : “Aleix has not fallen, but he is losing eight seconds. What’s going through a pilot’s head at the moment? It was a race he was going to win. It was clear he could win. I knew his pace, I knew it, I knew it worked really well on this circuit. So at that moment you see yourself outside. And you see that when you get back on the track you’re in fifteenth place and you’ve practically lost the race. And you start moving forward. Do you know what, when you move forward, the adrenaline rush it gives? And you go for the next one, and another roll. And you’ve already passed eleven riders, that’s eleven strokes of adrenaline. When you get there, you enter a completely different orbit of which you have never been, because you have never had eleven shots of adrenaline. We are in MotoGP, they are all fast and you beat them. It went as it should, everything went perfectly “.

Later we saw how euphoric Aleix was, that when Quartararo came to apologize he didn’t care, they kissed, everything was wonderful. Because he was in an impressive state of euphoria. In this state, you are generous and forgive everything. He must have been full of rage at first, though. Because, of course, you are there, you have all your editing done, your strategy, everything is under control, you know you are the winner. And all of a sudden, you lose all chances “, developed Chicho Lorenzo.

In addition to this ascent to the Espargaró, it was a great day for Aprilia thanks to the podium Maverick Viñales, who finished third. A moment of jubilation in which Chicho Lorenzo insists as a conclusion: I really liked it, it was very exciting, that gesture he made when he went to congratulate Maverick. They have a very good “feeling”. On which team are there two drivers who have this feeling? Cap. We don’t see it at all An X factor?

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