MotoGP: Carmelo Ezpeleta will prove Repsol Honda right in … 2027

MotoGP technical regulations are one of the issues that are often raised during the Grand Prix and, in particular, by competitors who have lost the battle of aerodynamics for not thinking seriously. Repsol’s latest ticket on the subject and the positions taken by KTM, calling for a clean sweep for safety reasons and apprehension of the show on the track, were forceful. Especially because the announced exile of the FRHD in 2023 has raised the hopes of the losers to adorn themselves with all the moral virtues to impose a new way out that will put them back in the race. Carmelo Ezpeleta understood the idea and has already positioned himself to calm these illusions. He is still bringing home the eve of the German Grand Prix …

Still in his river interview on Motorcycling, and that will be a milestone, Carmelo Ezpeleta responds point by point to the latest controversies that would shake his building Dorna, promoter of the Grand Prix. He talked about the Suzuki withdrawalsaid what he thought of the pilots virulently attacking the FIM Commissionerssaid a motorcycle on the subject of salaries and now it illuminates those who would like to quickly change a regulation that puts them at the foot of the starting grid.

For them, having won the battle against him FRHD, is about continuing the offensive to drop the fins accused of all evil. The issue is serious, especially when a large investor likes it Repsol supports what appears to be a coup plan later gang action against Ducati’s FRHD. Tan Carmelo Ezpeleta lays the groundwork: yes, regulations will be discussed that control performance and costs. And this new regulation will come in time.

The head of Dorna it says like this: we are already thinking about 2027. Because in 2026 what we have signed with the teams is that by 2026 nothing will change except unanimity. Unanimity is when an agreement is reached with the six manufacturers and the six private teams. Otherwise, do not change anything in the period for which you have committed if everyone does not agree “.

Carmelo Ezpeleta remember some basics: “You have rules and you can’t change them halfway through the game. We are thinking about many things for the future, we will present some ideas, we will discuss them individually with the manufacturers, we will see how the situation is, but we have no obligation not to impose them if the six manufacturers do not oppose it .. They have a right of veto over what we and the FIM can propose, not a right of majority approval. “.

Carmelo Ezpeleta: we will say in 2024 or at the end of 2024 what we propose for 2027

Carmelo Ezpeleta has in mind his schedule: “ we will say in 2024 or at the end of 2024 what we propose for 2027 “And the big question for him is not exactly the fins. But rather the ecological imperative that was remembered again with the European political will to stop producing a single heat engine from 2035. A decision that opens a royal road to electricity, an option that raises questions for the motorcycle: “ our engines are the least polluting in the world remembers Spanish. ” Manufacturers of Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP have achieved increasing levels of reliability, endurance and impact. They are consuming fewer and fewer gallons of fuel and have more and more features, and with the introduction of biofuels, they will be much more. let’s work on it “.

Ezpeleta concludes with this appeal to common sense: we look at things with a global approach and protection of the planet, which includes the protection of the inhabitants. We are in Southeast Asia, in South America … Tell the 90 million motorcycles in Indonesia that by 2030 or 2035 they should have 90 million electric motorcycles. Where are they loaded? We believe that the industry needs to achieve zero pollution, because it is very important for the future of the planet, and that is our job, but our main goal right now is to work on zero carbon impact fuels. “.

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