MotoGP: Carmelo Ezpeleta, head of Dorna, responds firmly to Repsol’s analysis of the Grand Prix

Carmelo Ezpeleta, head of the promoters of the Grand Prix, as well as a WSBK that keeps us in suspense this weekend in Misano, has been quick to respond to the surprising note that Repsol launched on the evolution since from his paddock. The investor of the Honda factory title has thus broken a kind of narcot lamenting the technical evolution of MotoGP through aerodynamics, even wondering about the durability of the category if it continued on this path , not only harmful to the show but also to the health of the pilots. Ezpeleta has another opinion. And let me know. Which is reassuring.

Repsol’s prose at the pace of a MotoGP inventory the person in charge of its promotion has not escaped either Carmelo Ezpeleta. In Marca, we can read his answers on certain points raised by the energy supplier whose global vision is quite pessimistic. It must also be said that the bikes he decorates, or the Honda official, don’t give him reasons to rejoice.

A stance that questions the bias of his progress, but given the level of this player, who weighs economically and politically, a quick and high-level response was needed. A specification respected with Carmelo Ezpeleta… The latter thus comments on the deficit in overflows that the losing players of the moment are advancing more and more. For the head of Dornais a chimera: overflows? It’s hard to get more assures before insisting. ” We have never had any problems overcoming. There are two parameters: safety and durability: more efficient engines and economic sustainability of the championship. How many computers have existed and disappeared? Private computers can now work in a lasting way “.

Carmelo Ezpeleta thus the disassembly of the argument continues Repsol : ” The current level of the World Championship was unthinkable in the 80’s. Now all the riders are fast and some are amazing, some were not so good in the past. What has changed is that there are more competitive runners “The press release of Repsol He also talked about riders struggling with injuries and problems with compartment syndrome because bikes become too restrictive due, again, to aerodynamics. The head of Dorna sweeps, also here, the position: “ there are other factors such as luck: after a fall you may or may not be injured “.

Carmelo Ezpeleta: we have regulatory stability, in 2022 a period started until 2026

Then the Spanish boss ends with the subliminal message of Repsol which he also detected: the need to redo the rules, an approach that would set the counters to zero and Honda in the race. He replies, ” We are talking about the issue of fins with equipment “Start before extinguishing any hope of fundamental questioning that might feed your compatriot:” we have normative stability. In 2022 a period began until 2026. In theory, it should not be changed, except for security reasons or because all parties agree “.

During his speech, Carmelo Ezpeleta received a providential ally in the person of Jorge Lorenzo who was next to him: Carmelo Ezpeleta has done an impressive job, with Security and the Security Commission. Turned on the media plan, MotoGP is much more popular, there are cameras everywhere. Before there were four and now a hundred. And with competitiveness too. Now he’s also winning Aprilia and Formula 1 is copying some MotoGP stuff “We are there. Repsol Honda he has just been sacked in his goals. Following the next number?

Carmelo Ezpeleta, in the tribute to Dorna in Malaga.

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