MotoGP Assen Brembo: “Not very demanding with the brakes”

The TT Assen is in the middle of the season and is the only one of the original World Championship races (1949) that still operates today. According to Brembo technicians who work closely with all the riders of the MotoGP World Championship, the TT Assen Circuit is not very demanding with the brakes.

On a difficulty rating scale of 1 to 6, he scored a 2, the lowest on European tours and only superior to Phillip Island. Assen has a top speed of 310 km / h but, thanks to the numerous fast curves, the braking systems are really able to cool down. And it is precisely the presence of so many curves that makes it the best test bench for Marchesini tires.

Marchesini, to improve any situation

Once again, in the 2022 season, Marchesini forged magnesium tires will be used on two-thirds of MotoGP-registered motorcycles: 8 of 12 teams. For two wheels, you can choose between the 5-spoke Y-design and the 7-spoke version. Marchesini has been part of the Brembo group since March 2000 and shares the same production plant.

All these models are the result of a long experience in closed-matrix 3D multiforia and heat treatment, guaranteeing maximum rigidity and minimum inertia. The weight savings achieved with the Marchesini wheels improve acceleration and handling by changing direction, entering a bend with the brakes applied, entering the bend at an angle of up to 60 ° and exiting the bend. The combination of levels of rigidity in its design ensures excellent grip of the tires, even when the rider is really leaning around the corner.

Lightness and performance also for road bikes

Marchesini not only offers professional riders a stimulating experience, but also develops solutions that ensure high performance for road bike users. With a unique style, these rims are manufactured using state-of-the-art design, structural analysis and testing methods.

Genesi M7R wheels have 7 spokes made of a magnesium alloy used in the aerospace industry, with multidirectional forging and dies optimized for the final geometry of the wheel: they are between 26 and 41% lighter than standard wheels, according to the motorcycle model.

Learn more about Marchesini tires.

Six seconds longer than Superbikes

Despite its 18 corners, the Assen TT circuit is very fast, with several fast corners and 10 braking points on each lap, although in 7 of them the deceleration is below 100 km / h. The riders use the brakes for just under 32 seconds on each lap, which is exactly the same as the Algarve International Circuit (which has a similar length).

Superbikes ran on this circuit two months ago, but for production-derived machines, those same 10 braking points required only 25.5 seconds of braking time per lap because top speeds are lower. On the other hand, the G-force levels to which the riders are subjected are similar, both in the different laps and throughout the race. In MotoGP, each rider carries a load of 880 kg on the lever between the starting line and the checkered flag.

Just over 4 seconds with 1.5 g

Of the 10 braking sections of the Assen TT circuit, only one is considered relatively demanding on the brakes, while all the others can be considered uncomplicated.

The downhill braking point on the Haarbocht curve (curve 1) is where riders and braking systems have to work harder: bikes reach 291 km / h, and riders brake for 4.3 seconds during which they travel 213 meters. To descend to the speed of 113 km / h required to make the turn, riders must apply a load of 5.3 kg to the lever and be subjected to a deceleration of 1.5 G.

And in video games?

To properly manage the first corner of the TT Circuit Assen in the MotoGP video game, it is imperative not to make a mistake in entering and exiting the xicane that precedes it. You will have to brake in fifth gear just as you pass a block of asphalt on the left, in line with the billboard. Go down in the second and enter the corner when your speed is 140 km / h. You can also walk down the sidewalk without losing control, but wait before you open the accelerator.

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