MotoGP Andrea Dovizioso makes his farewell tour: “I’m more disappointed with myself than with Yamaha”

Andrea Dovizioso has always dreamed of it in his career with this Yamaha bet with official consideration. It happened with the unexpected and sensational departure of Maverick Viñales from the ranks of Iwata, but when he took the handlebars of the M1, Dovi understood that it was no longer 2012, the season at the end of which he had finished fourth in the championship . under the colors of Tech3. It was his last before leaving for an eight-year lease on Ducati. He fell from above and will not recover. At 36, he will live another nine Grand Prix to end this campaign and say goodbye to the paddock.

In a truth interview on Speedweek, Andrea Dovizioso explains how he got there. An even more cruel disappointment when I thought about it a lot Yamaha in plant development for almost a decade … The triple world runner-up, but onwards Ducatirecognizes: I already wanted to ride for the Yamaha factory team after 2012, but I didn’t get that chance. Even though I finished fourth in the championship. It’s something I’ve always wanted in my career. Because when I came to Yamaha in 2012, I had to ride the bike as it was. I couldn’t do the development work at the time. I didn’t win the title, but we were competitive and often climbed the podium. I thought with more experience I could get used to the bike faster “.

And the cold shower was icy … ” I didn’t change anything in 2012, but I managed to roll to be strong. It wasn’t the best way to go fast with a Yamaha, but it was enough to finish 4th. The character of this Yamaha compared to the current MotoGP competition now it makes it impossible “. Here we are. It’s time to explain what happens today with the M1 Andrea Dovizioso … ” You can’t accelerate, but you’re very fast in the middle of the turn. But in the head this chip says the curve has to be approached in a very different way. You will not be able to face this situation and you will leave at a good pace. And every turn, it’s the same story regrets Dovi who also specifies: MotoGP has changed in many areas. For example, how do you handle the new Michelin tire introduced in 2020 “.

Andrea Dovizioso: I try to maintain a good relationship with Yamaha

Dovizioso he had time to analyze, to try, after resigning. Here is his final expert report: it’s the hardest situation for me because it’s completely different from my last eight years. I have to ride a bike in a totally opposite way to what I’m used to. I had a very clear approach to being competitive over a weekend and at some point it worked. All these things … don’t work anymore. Nothing at all. Therefore, we must do the opposite. First, it’s not natural, and second, it’s not my style. “.

I am more disappointed with myself than with Yamaha he reassures. ” I can’t tap into the potential of the bike, even though I know 100% why and in all areas. Even after many races I am not able to change these things. I am also disappointed because I cannot develop the character of the machine. Not a bit for me. I was completely open and direct with Yamaha. My relationship with the factory is very good. I attended a few meetings with them, I can understand the situation with Fabio Quartararo. He wants better performance. I don’t fight with anyone and I don’t chase anyone. I immediately said, “I know exactly what I’m complaining about, but I can’t change the situation. I would like to understand what you are focusing on. ” For me it was very important “.

Andrea Dovizioso finished: ” in addition to the results, I need a clear reason and program for what we are doing. I tried to explain why Fabio is where he is. too, I tried to make it clear what Fabio could benefit from if we improved some areas. I was happy with the meetings, but unfortunately nothing has changed. I haven’t had a chance to work on big things. These things are the bad points of the bike in my opinion. But I’m calm because I understand them. I’m totally open to what Yamaha does, to what they still want to achieve. I try to maintain a good relationship “. Dovizioso it will end like this. But for Franco Morbidelliwho is in the same situation as him, the nightmare will continue until 2023 …

Andrea Dovizioso, with the Yamaha RNF MotoGP ™ team

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