MotoGP and MXGP 2022. The return of St Marquez and the arrival of St Jean…

Well, the all-terrain (we also say poetically the tetis…) that I am is excited… The Motocross World GP of St Jean d’Angely is coming. I won’t be there (but if you prefer cross-country, you can follow our analysis of the GPs the same evening, a few minutes after the arrivals, with analysis). It’s at the same time as the Austrian MotoGP but for those who want to ride a bit, the temperature will be human again next week, the weekend in Charente-Maritime will be a must (with possible excursions to Oléron, there is a bridge (paid) or to Rochefort, a magical place (even without its “Demoiselles”) with its royal rigging and the exact replica of the frigate Hermione, the one that brought Lafayette to America, born in the construction holds that dates back to Louis XIV There is also a magnificent arsenal… And the region is magnificent, with a light that is not worth Tuscany but still well worth the detour…
I leave the pen to my friend Pascal Haudikert, world cross specialist.
In one week, on August 20 and 21, the Saint Jean d’Angely paddock will receive the teams entered in the Charente Maritime Grand Prix, seventeenth and penultimate round of the 2022 World Championship. A twenty-first Grand Prix in St Jean, for the ninetieth anniversary of the club!
So far all the teams are in Finland for this weekend’s GP. On Monday everyone will be preparing for a long journey, as the teams will have to start by taking a boat to reach Estonia or Sweden, and then travel 2800 km by road! Quite a challenge for the pilots of the different teams as well as those of the promoter!
Vialle-Geerts, the duel continues
It is in the MX2 category where suspense will reign until the last moment, as it was last year in MXGP. Still separated by twenty-three points in favor of Jago Geerts, the duel between Jago and Tom Vialle again this season (image above) she remains undecided even though the first one is a few steps ahead. Winner of the last three GPs contested, the Yamaha official is in a favorable position, while three GPs, or six rounds, each worth 25 points, remain on the programme. Tom was level with his opponent in Sweden, but to maintain his title chances he must make up some of his lateness this weekend to hope to win a second title in early September, during the final in Turkey. He will also be followed at the end of the season by Thibault Bénistant who has won four podiums, including one success since his return to the track!

Gajser, imminent title
Winter injuries to Romain Febvre and Jeffrey Herlings ended the suspense in the MXGP class, with Slovenia’s Tim Gajser finding himself a bit on his own, no offense to his rivals. Winner of eight of the fifteen contested GPs so far, the official Honda could start this weekend (Finland GP). Even if he can’t start, we expect a new performance from Maxime Renaux, MX2 world champion in 2021 and who is racing in MXGP this year. Winner of five races and a GP this season, Maxime is the Marseillaise’s best chance with Romain Febvre.

Champions and gifts
To celebrate its 90th anniversary properly, the club wanted to celebrate many French world champions; so on Saturday at 6.30 pm the fans will be able to see Livia Lancelot, Romain Febvre, Jordi Tixier, Tom Vialle, Maxime Renaux, Jacky Vimond, Yves Demaria and Pierre Alexandre Renet, who mark or have marked history, gathered for a signing session . French cross country! In addition to this first gift for the fans, remember that there will be a raffle to win a YCF bike, VIP passes and race shirts for the top French riders for all those who have pre-purchased their ticket. Link at the bottom of this report.
Positions in the World Championships after the GP of Sweden:
MXGP: 1.Gajser (Slo, Honda), 645 points; 2. Seewer (Sui, Yamaha), 530; 3. Prado (Esp, GasGas), 496; 4. Coldenhoff (Netherlands, Yamaha), 478; 5. Renaux (Fra, Yamaha), 466; 6. Fernandez (Esp, Honda), 354; 7.Bogers (Netherlands, Husqvarna), 351; 8.Vlaanderen (Netherlands, Yamaha), 326; 9. Jonass (Let, Husqvarna), 306; 10.Evans (Aus, Honda), 264…15.Tixier (Fra, KTM), 197…18.Febvre (Fra, Kawasaki), 147; etc…
MX2: 1. Geerts (Bel, Yamaha), 637; 2. Vialle (France, KTM), 614; 3. Laengenfelder (All, GasGas), 507; 4. Horgmo (Nor, Kawasaki), 446; 5. Benistan (Eng, Yamaha), 405; 6. Haarup (Dan, Kawasaki), 387; 7.Adamo (Ita, GasGas), 8.De Wolf (Netherlands, Husqvarna), 348; 9. Rubini (Eng, Honda), 342; 10.Gifting (Sue, KTM), 255…15.Guyon (Fra, KTM), 127; etc... »
Thanks to Pascal who also signs the photos in this paper, loyal friend and motocross addict for a bunch of years!

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