MotoGP Aleix Espargaró: “I don’t mind not being world champion, but then what do you dream about?”

Aleix Espargaró is one of those special cases that populate a MotoGP starting grid made up of strong characters, without offending a Jorge Lorenzo who finds that all this lacks animosity. The person in charge of Aprilia has ideas about everything and especially ideas, and their positions are rarely nuanced. Some would even say rarely rational. But he assumes and likes to be a sentinel even in the comments read on his social network that he follows very closely. With this last outing, he confirms his unconventional position with respect to his teammates. So if you see the MotoGP World Champion title as the Holy Grail, you have a little bike in your head. Literally!

Aleix Espargaro he was one of the first to promise that the 2022 season that will begin next weekend in Qatar will be the toughest in history. For its length and the level very close to the values ​​in opposition. He also knows that this vintage must be the best ever for its colors Aprilia which this time field a high-level RS-GP, with Maverick Viñales full time in the box. The 32-year-old Spaniard, the second largest on the set behind Andrea Dovizioso, 35, will face all of these imperatives and has prepared hard for them. Cycling before anything else …

Precisely, this bike … It is an equally devouring passion for the older brother of Polso much so that a Malaysiathe little queen made her defy the restrictive rules of the sanitary bubble in force during off-season testing. For Aleix, not cycling hundreds of kilometers in a day is inconceivable.

But where does this devouring interest come from? From an injury in a Grand Prix … He explains to Motosan: ” in 2014 or 2013, I was badly injured in an accident. I split three vertebrae and exploded a spinal disc. My training pyramid was working. I had done half marathons, I really enjoyed running and at that point the doctors told me that impact sports were over, that my back was going to suffer a lot and that I had to try cycling. “.

Aleix Espargaro: “My dream is to be a professional cyclist”

From this advice was born this love story with the queen: ” Cycling is like a way of life and it is very addictive “, acknowledged the official Aprilia who confesses: I am a fan of bicycles “And it’s not much to say,” it is the worst drug in the world. The more you travel, the more you fly “So much so that he admits he was about to leave MotoGP to pursue professional cycling.” Yes, I was very close to being part of a professional cycling team. I had a lot of frustration in me, and there was always that little voice of cycling “.

Everything happened because in Aprilia everything did not work as I wanted and as I expected “, he remembers Aleix Espargaro. ” They weren’t improving the bike and I had a lot of frustration in me. And there was always that little voice of cycling. And thanks to all the friends I have in Andorra, the possibility arose. I talked to Patxi Vila, Eusebio Unzué and before the Cycling Tour of Catalonia I met them and even did a field test with them. We were very close, very closebut in the end we couldn’t finish and decided to postpone it “, he admitted.

This first failed attempt to become a professional cyclist, however, did not affect his motivation. So much soAsparagus of couse: ” I don’t care if I don’t win the MotoGP World Championship. I would love to make my dream come true, which is to be a cyclist and participate in the World Tour. I don’t know, I’m 32, I don’t know what can happen in the not too distant future. It’s never too late “, he concluded Aleix Espargaro looking at a transfer market, it may not be what you think.

Aleix Espargaro

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