MotoGP: after Silverstone, Quartararo sees Bagnaia as the danger that is considered an ally by Aleix Espargaró while Viñales comes to add his two cents

The promoters of the MotoGP championship would have wanted to shape the physiognomy of the current title race in their own way, penalizing Fabio Quartararo in Assen with a penalty to be honored at Silverstone, they could not have done better. The situation, the day after this British Grand Prix, thus promises a final part of the indecisive season that, without a doubt, has also influenced other events in England. The Frenchman, holder and still at the top of the provisional classification, has become aware of this by putting Pecco Bagnaia at the forefront of his concerns. For his part, the devalued Aleix Espargaró also analyzes a new situation in which his teammate Maverick Viñales will have to be seriously considered as the chosen referee, if he continues to take the big points from the podium…

We won’t pay for the conspiracy theory, but we’ll still keep this long-winded story in mind when the time of reckoning comes. The compatriot John Zarco has already presented the disciplinary sanction as the political lever of choice for the promoters of the championship. The latter have only to look at the experience of Formula 1 to grasp all the interest of shuffling the cards when the too favorable hand of a favorite promises a premature end of the game, to the detriment of the interest of the game until its end .

The fact that the Yamaha he was going to be in big trouble once he got back into the peloton was knownand it happened Fabio Quartararo he had to suffer in England and limit the break. It was more or less done, but other events intervened that the sorcerer’s apprentices could not foresee. The first was the great accident ofAlex Espargaro who could have stopped there this year after that violent fall during FP4 that revealed a fracture today a fracture in the heel of the right foot: I crashed really hard, I was a bit impatient with the hard tire, it was 100% my fault » acknowledges the pilot April.

race, Fabio Quartararo the punished finished eighth just ahead Alex Espargaro the broken one, all for a point won by the French. All this for this? Not really. During this time, Pecco Bagnaia took his fourth victory on a track that Yamaha loves and where the Frenchman won in 2021. All before the Red Bull Ring, a circuit where the Ducati successfully release his cavalry since 2016. The Italian had taken over 25 tricolor points in Assen, it still stung 17 at Silverstone, which gives us an increase of 42 points in two races.

Quartararo and Bagnaia would have done well without this comeback from Viñales that can reassure Aleix Espargaró

This, obviously, did not escape Fabio Quartararo who commented on the arrival of this dozen of the twenty races on the calendar: ” I see Pecco more as a rival than Aleix right now “. So it’s overAlex Espargaro ? Probably not and mainly because the factory April can now play double whammy… On the relative disrepute of Fabio Quartararothe second of the championship a 22 points answered: good! It’s important that Pecco gets closer – he’s not someone who thinks about second place, he wants to win. So he puts more pressure on Fabio and that’s a plus for me. Who should lose the championship is the leader, not me. The championship is open, you have to be constant and strong mentally “.

From this point of view, the thirty-year-old pilot is. Jorge Lorenzo has been paying tribute to him ever since Silverstone : ” it cannot be denied that Aleix always tries hard and this is a quality he has and is showing this year. At Assen he had a legendary race, and at Silverstone he almost did it again. When the race is over, you should always try to see the glass as half full, and I’m sure when things cool down a bit, Aleix will be happy to have lost just one point on Fabio. “. Jorge Lorenzo ends in Dazn. ” I’m sure you must be thinking inside that it’s a shame to see Fabio finish eighth and not be able to use this opportunity to take many points from him, or even get very close to him. Because if he had won the race, he would be very little behind the Frenchman “.

Finally, what probably no one had really considered was that this championship trio would have to be interrupted by a fourth steal: Maverick Vinales. We’ll have to see what the Top Gun does in the RS-GP at the Red Bull Ring, because Assenwhere he was third, i Silverstone where he finished second while trying for victory with a view to the finish, are his favorite tracks. But still, he’s there, scoring big points that are therefore no longer split between three, and we’ll be waiting for his turn to show his much-anticipated team spirit in April … This could not be premeditated, but it always happens when you open Pandora’s box. With force Austria in just under two weeks to meet the rest of this exciting soap opera.

MotoGP Silverstone Championship: Qualifying (12/20)

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