MotoGP 22 Preview: Is Rossi Still Sharp?

Now that Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 5 is available, it’s time to do it Fita leave all terrain, jumps and obstacles, engage in asphalt and speeds above 300 km / h. MotoGP 22 In fact, it is expected by the end of next month in all media. This is the tenth opus of the license taken by the Italian study in 2013, which aims to drive immersion further and further. The 2019 version of the title had revived the series well, which the 2020 version had continued before resting a bit on the laurels in 2021. Now let’s take a first look at what awaits us in the 2022 version.

  • Genre: GP motorcycle racing simulator
  • Release Date: April 21, 2022
  • Platform: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch
  • Developer: Milestone
  • Published by Milestone
  • Price: € 69.99 on PS and Xbox
  • Tested on: PC

Everything is in the details

To start, the tutorial, introduced in MotoGP 21, has been maintained and enriched, And that’s good. Before embarking on ruthless races, it is best to know how to control your machine. You will learn to use the different options at your disposal and to choose from what parameters you prefer to use. Therefore, you can opt for automatic or assisted brakes, with or without coupling, semi-automatic or manual transmission, periodic or non-periodic electronic assistance, etc. And while driving, now a height adjustment system allows check the compression of the suspension. In addition, you can also manage traction for better grip of the rear wheel when driving, or even electronics to better manage your consumption or take advantage of the engine brake when entering corners, such as traveling to the anti-wheel when leaving. a curve. Note that you also have the option play with the pilot positioning exercise weight on the front or back of the bike to encourage or prevent wheels and stoppies. And it’s not always easy to do all this while driving, especially because if you look at the track to anticipate the next turn or your different indicators, you run the risk of raising your head too late to avoid an accident or get off the track. . The same goes for looking at your pursuers, camera shake is too slow to use safely.

Helped by sound efficient physics engineMotoGP 22, therefore, continues to offer a real simulation that you want to take the trouble to control everything. And achieving the times requested in the tutorial is already a first challenge to take on, especially if you opt for the helmet or handlebar view. During the races, where you will have to look take advantage of suction the drivers in front of you to recover a few tenths of a second, of course you can also choose your tires according to your needs (weather, outside temperature and bitumen, etc.) while controlling their wear. Watch it in passing the deformation of the tires is now more credible. The finest adjustments (suspensions, geometry, transmission, ECU), with the usual advice of the engineer, are also accessible before each race. I sanctions still apply including the long lap penalty. But Less experienced players are welcome. In fact, different aids are offered, such as modulate braking, acceleration and tilt to avoid fateful excesses. But it won’t be an arcade game either. Steering or rear wheel hunting is common if you brake or accelerate too hard or at too wide an angle. Similarly, taking a corner too fast is very likely to throw you off the track, but going too slow can cause you to fall if you lean too much. Learn how to properly manage the front and rear brakes it can be helpful to avoid any disappointment, or even to get out of a bad patch. The display of the ideal trajectory or turn signalslike the power brakesit will help you a lot to make the turns at the right speed, but the excessive caution of the latter can be detrimental to the most tense duels.


Hi, I’m here!

To make it easier for you, if you need to, you can do the same adjust the AI ​​level. Contrary to what we observed last year, it no longer seems so prone to making mistakes. But fortunately for realism, it can always be that way. On the other hand, he always seems to act as if you weren’t there, continuing its trajectory and maintaining its speed regardless of your presence. In the peloton, during the first laps, therefore, it is not easy not to be quickly on the ground. While you should take care of your competitors and they should respect each other, it is unfortunate to have that feeling. That said, the contacts seemed more tolerant to us. The game may be a little less realistic at this point, but avoid having to use loop rewind until you find the right position where no one is coming to hit you, which isn’t better when it comes to diving. the small gesture with the hand of apology or annoyance pilots at the moment are still welcome. Animations are successful, as is slow motion which, with different dynamic camera angles, allow you to see the races as a good spectator. A fairly simple mode of photographyconsisting mainly of placing the camera as you wish, it is also there to immortalize your great moments.


Graphically, moreover, if Milestone had relied on his successes in recent years, improvements are finally noticeable. Beyond the bikes themselves, which have always been curious, the surface of the tracks, the outdoor environments and the bleachers are more worked. We have a little less of that feeling of emptiness around the track. But it is especially the faces of the pilots as well as the mechanics that are much more polished, with new facial animations they correspond more to current standards than to previous games. The public, on the other hand, still needs good polishing. And to end the visual aspect of the title, the possibility of customize your driver (helmet, gloves, stickers, knee pads, boots, jumpsuit, but also driving style, name, gender, face, etc.), as teams, with different sponsors, is still offered in various pounds and colors. This was not accessible in our previous version, however a customization tool for helmets, numbers, pilot stickers, and stickers is also provided. Finally, in terms of sound, the title benefits from surround sound with engine sounds that enhance the feeling of power and speed and well differentiated according to the types of motorcycles as well calm and effective sports reviews in French. The only downside would bestrange noise of motorcycles chasing you, a bit like a sinking sink. But that will probably be fixed with the launch of the game.


Nou Nou Nou

The construction we had in our hands did not allow us to try everything either. We had no access to it career modeni a Multibut only in fast modes and the first four chapters of Nine Season 2009, the new historical modality offered by MotoGP 22. We complained last year about the disappearance of this one without offering anything as a substitute and therefore we are delighted to see that Milestone has been able to repair the situation at this point, especially because this looks like very handsome. In the form of a 50-minute documentary produced under the direction of Mark Nealea gender specialist (Faster, Fastest, The Doctor, The Tornado and the Kentucky Kid) who invites us to relive the 2009 season having seen Valentino Rossi pick up the sound ninth and final GP World Championship title. It begins with a summary of the Doctor’s career, based on real images of a GP and interviews with pilotswith a a very convincing commentator. We remember, then, that after 5 consecutive victories in the GP 500 World Championship from 2001 to 2005 (which followed his victories in 125 and 250 in 1997 and 1999), Rossi experienced some difficulties due to injuries, but he also having mechanical problems, seeing how the title escaped him in 2006 and 2007, before signing his return in 2008. Thus, in 2009 he went on to win his 9th title, the 7th in the queen category. But for that, it has to be combined with Lorenzo, Stoner and Pedrosa that this new game mode offers usincarnate in turn, in addition to RossiThrough the 17 races of the season, each in several episodes, with the goal of repeating the events that actually happened. However, it’s not about reliving the whole race, it’s just the last laps. In case of failure, you’ll have to start over to unlock the sequel, but you can do better than the goal set, even if it suddenly doesn’t really fit with the actual events. This game mode is in any case a proposal for which we are very grateful.


Regarding the fast modesit is possible to opt for 2009 season by drawing the unlocked official pilots participating in the New mode. Each goal achieved allows for new and free riders. Of course, you can also choose the 2022 season that began on March 6, either in Moto2, Moto3, MotoGP 500 4 stroke or 2 stroke, 800 4 stroke or 990 4 strokeBut not yet MotoE insight. Thus, the official drivers of the 2022 season can race in the 21 world circuitsboth of us against the clock and what about Grand Prix or inside championship weekend with the different phases of training, qualification of warm-up and possible race, if day or night, under clear skies or with rain and with different temperatures. To this is added a feature long awaited by fans: a two-player local mode with a split screen (except on Switch, such as the ability to play online elsewhere). A great way to have fun with family and friends and it will definitely be much appreciated.



Graphic improvements, an in-depth tutorial, improved functionality, the return of an attractive historical mode that this time allows you to relive the intense 2009 season in the shoes of the main protagonists, and the introduction of split screen mode only · tendered. , MotoGP 22 should allow the license to recover more effectively than last year and justify the change to this new version. Sure we’d like AI to be more vigilant with us and stop overlooking MotoE, but it’s still a benchmark in GP motorcycle driving simulation. Sure, we’ll wait to see the final result to make a final decision, but it looks like it’s underway.

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