MotoGP 2023 Razlan Razali discourages Celestino Vietti: right now we don’t need anyone for Moto2

After two years of doubt and frustration with a Yamaha factory that can still be thanked for giving the opportunity to a certain Fabio Quartararo, the Malaysian Razlan Razali is delighted to live like a happy turn. Thus, after having suffered, he resumes the position of who can buy and choose. He takes his time all the more so as the law of supply and demand is also in his favor, while his new partner Aprilia seems to be giving him free rein. So much so that he has no obligation to recruit an Italian aspirant, while Noale’s official team already has two Spaniards in its ranks …

Razlan Razali lost Petronas, survived under its RNF brand, but intends to recover from 2023 with Aprilia. The setbacks he suffered virtually as a result of his ultimately ignored successes served as an experience. Therefore, he is carefully preparing this new adventure with the firm Noale and will dedicate the necessary time to make the right decisions. And all the more so as the current situation in the paddock allows him this luxury: ” We are in a good position to wait and see what the other teams do. There are more bikers than motorcycles, just wait and see what happens. There are still young and experienced MotoGP riders comments Speedweek.

He even adds: we are the only private team left. Aprilia also impresses with the worthy performances of Aleix Espargaró and Maverick Viñales. We are the point of contact for newcomers, but also for those who fear for their place in MotoGP. So, bottom line is that we’re really looking forward to it. I think I will wait as long as possible. Of course, we need to satisfy our sponsors at the same time. “.

With an Italian sponsor, and soon Italian bikes in his box, one would be tempted to think that the Malaysian will inevitably have an Italian rider in his ranks. A scenario that you would definitely like to Celestino Viettiwho is fighting for the Moto2 title this year, and who knows that by the end of this year, its current stable will close its doors

Razlan Razali: I want to show Aprilia that we can get good results right away

But Razali calm this enthusiasm by specifying: an Italian pilot is not so much on the priority list. There aren’t many Italian drivers at the moment either. People talk about pilots like Vietti, but there are many pilots who have more experience. Balls that take a year to MotoGP and can still develop properly. That’s why we don’t need anyone from Moto2 right now. Our sponsors understand this, so there is no pressure to find an Italian driver “.

Razlan Razali wants to be really complete on the subject: ” we wouldn’t take a Moto2 rider to replace Darryn Binder. It’s not our style. However, we still do not agree with Darryn, as there are still many possible candidates. We want to get results right away with Aprilia. I want to show Aprilia that we can get good results right away, if we find the right drivers. ».

The Malaysian ends up with the equipment at his disposal: “This will be the latest version of the RS-GP, the last race of 2022. The bike continues to evolve throughout the season, so it should be a good base. I don’t think they rest on their laurels. The whole team is very motivated. It’s a winning team and they want it to continue The RNF team would therefore have all the cards in hand to find their second wind.

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