Moto3 interview Sergio García Dols: “I am ready to make the leap to Moto2, we are waiting to see who I can do it with. »

At the Barcelona – Catalonia Grand Prix, Motosan had the pleasure of talking to the leader of the Moto3 category, Sergio Garcia Dols, who spoke about the current situation.

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Leader of the Moto3 category, his goal is to be promoted to the intermediate category next year. Last year’s crown escaped him at the last minute, but that learning curve is what made him one of the biggest contenders this season. His talent has already earned him comparisons to a champion like Jorge Lorenzo, but Sergio García Dols wants to add his personal touch. In Barcelona we were lucky enough to be able to chat for a while with the leader of the small category about the moment he is living.

This year looks like you and Izan [Guevara] you shared the victories and set the bar high for the Aspar team. How do you feel about fighting for the title with your partner?
Sergio Garcia: I like this because in the end we have the rival at home and I see everything they are doing differently to me. I think this is also an advantage, it allows me to never relax because I have him by my side, and in the end, always, the first person you want to beat is your partner. »

So can you say it’s an advantage?
Yes, for me I think it’s an advantage. »

Last year you were about to reach the final with Pedro [Acosta] in the fight for the title. Can you finish the job this year?
I think so. I work all year for that. Last year I had a lot of experience, I know what it’s like to fight for a championship and this year I hope to be able to get to the end and win the title. »

How is Izan [Guevara] as a rival?
We see it, he’s been here for two years and he’s a very fast runner, he fights a lot in group races. Therefore, he is a very strong rival and difficult to beat. »

You have already been compared to drivers like Jorge Lorenzo after your “out” overtaking at the Spanish Grand Prix. What does it taste like?
It is always a pleasure to be compared to a rider who has won many world championships throughout his career. I hope to be able to keep comparing myself many more times. »

This year’s goal is the title, but would you like to get on Moto2 next year?
Yes, I think the right step would be to move to Moto2 next year. I have been in Moto3 for four years and I am ready to make the jump, it will be a very difficult category but we are waiting to see who I can make the jump to Moto2 with. I wish it was with GASGAS and Aspar, but we need to talk about it. »

At Mugello you noticed that there were far fewer fans than other years with Rossi’s retirement. Do you think that Márquez’s absence will also be decisive?
The truth is that we do not know, it is true that they said that here in Barcelona the circuit will not be complete. I think it is also influenced by the fact that Formula 1 was here a fortnight ago, the engine enthusiasts are the same. I hope it’s full, that a lot of people come to see us, I think it’s a great show and I hope we have all the Spanish fans here. »

Speaking of Marc Márquez, what do you think of the situation that is happening?
He’s very tough, he had very good years and now I don’t think he wishes that to anyone. It’s really a shame, because nothing worked for him, then with the operations he had very little luck, three operations. It’s true that he was in a hurry when he started running in Jerez, then he got injured and then had more operations, and a poor recovery is what I think made him stay that way. I think he will come back stronger and I hope he can come back as soon as possible. »

Finally, if you had to make a prediction about the future champions of the three categories, what would it be?
Moto3 in posaria, Moto2 to Arón Canet and MotoGP Fabio Quartararo. »

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