Moto2 Silverstone Race: victory of Augusto Fernández intervened by Alonso López

Augusto Fernandez qualified on pole position for the second time in Moto2 with Catalunya in 2019. He will be looking for three wins in three consecutive Moto2 races for the first time. Fernández is the ninth different Moto2 pole-sitter so far this year, equaling the single-season Moto2 record set in 2019 and 2020. But the only rider to win the Moto2 race at Silverstone after qualifying on pole is Pol Espargaró in 2012…

Joe Roberts ranked second for his best finish since he was also second at the European GP in 2020. He will try to make the podium for the third time this year with Portugal (P1) and Italy (P2).

Oh Ogura qualified third for his second top row since the start of the season, as in Spain, where he took his first pole position and took his first GP win. Albert Arenas ranked fourth, which is the fourth consecutive time he has ranked in the top two rows. He will try to get on the podium for the first time in Moto2.

The championship leader (but tied on points with Augusto Fernández), Celestino Viettiwho will have to make a long lap during the race, qualified fifth, his best finish since taking pole position in Catalonia in his last Moto2 win.

Jake Dixon ranked sixth, which is the fourth consecutive time he has ranked in the top two rows. His aim is to try and win for the first time in the category and become the second British driver to win at Silverstone with Scott Redding in 2013. What will this category warm-up hold at Silverstone? Before you know it, here is the table summarizing the known facts so far.

Silverstone Moto2™




2’04.896 Jorge Navarro

2’05.409 Jake Dixon


2’04.501 Raul Fernandez

2’04.573 Augusto Fernández


2’04.180 Aaron Canet

2’04.107 Jake Dixon


2’04.690 Stefano Manzi

2’04.670 Jorge Navarro


2’03.988 Marco Bezzecchi

2’04.103 Augusto Fernández


2’04.756 Remy Gardner

2’04.403 Augusto Fernández


Gardner, Bezzecchi, Navarro

Fernandez, Lopez, Dixon


2’03.988 Marco Bezzecchi (2021)

The grill is preparing…

Vietti will start 5th and with a handicap… a long lap to go!

Drivers will have 18 laps to complete

He’s gone and it’s Roberts who takes the lead before taking over from Fernández. Roberts regains control but Ogura interferes, takes the race lead.

He is dethroned by López. The Japanese dropped to 2nd ahead of Roberts, Fernandez, Arenas, Dixon, Canet, Arbolino, Bendsneyder and Vietti.

Vietti is called to order regarding the fact that he has to do his long lap. Corsi will have to do the same.

After 2 laps, the positions are maintained. López tries to take off in front of his pursuers. the rest of the pack wilts. The Speed-up pilot is 2 tenths ahead of the Japanese, 3rd in the Championship.

A good maneuver by Canet over Fernández, the driver of the HP40 thus took 3rd position.

Van Den Goorbergh crashes in turn 13

3 tenths separate López from Ogura: the Japanese driver seems to be back.

Chute de Beaubier in turn 9

Canet tries an offensive on Ogura and it passes, he takes the 2nd position.

With 12 laps to go, the classification is as follows: López, Canet, Ogura, Fernández, Dixon, Arenas, Arbolino, Roberts, González and Vietti.

Vietti achieves his long lap not without difficulty…

There were disputes for the gain of 2nd position between Canet, Ogura and Fernández: Canet scratched to get back to Lopez, he was 3.5 tenths behind the SpeedUp driver.

Fall of Ramirez

López accelerates and is 0.652 s ahead of Canet, his pursuer.

Ogura makes a dumpling, Fernández takes advantage of it and passes it. the Red Bull driver is now 3rd.

9 laps from the finish, the new top5. is as follows: López, Canet, Fernández, Ogura and Dixon.

Ogura is under the threat of Dixon who sticks to the tail… Canet passes in front of Fernández, undermined.

López, Fernández, Canet, Ogura and Dixon, this is the top 5 with 8 laps to go.

Arenas falls on turn 4

Canet takes advantage of a mistake by Fernández to pass him: just like Ogura who follows him. Ogura attacks Canet and he passes. Canet misses, Ogura almost falls… Fernandez takes advantage! Dixon does the same!

Top5 6 laps from the finish: López is 0.938s ahead of Fernández and Ogura… who gets rid of Dixon again! Canet is 5th, Vietti 7th

The Brit wants his podium and fights for… Dixon passes Ogura, Canet imitates him in the effort.

López, Fernández (at 0.116s), Dixon, Canet and Ogura! HOT!

Fernandez is in the pilot of the SpeedUp… hang on to the 20-year-old! 2 more laps to go… in front of the poleman

Battle between Dixon Canet to win the 3rd step of the podium.. and it is Canet who wins in this little game.

Dante Fernández is struggling to find an opening for López. Canet is recovered, Dixon is torn! and Ogura gets involved, they touch Canet.

Schrotter’s lap 13 crash.

Last round…

Fernandez happens!

Victory for Fernández ahead of López, Dixon, Ogura and Canet

Moto2 Silverstone Race: classification ranking credit

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