Moto2 Pedro Acosta did not make it easy: “due to injury we will have to start again”

Pedro Acosta does not know a season of debut in Moto2 as simple as the one he lived last year in Moto3. And for good reason: in the latter case, he finished with a World Champion title. This year will certainly not be like that. Its beginnings were complicated when we expected a sensational arrival. He then found solutions to position himself at the forefront, even picking up pole position, podium and victory. But when everything finally seemed to come together to assert itself definitively, there was this motocross accident between two Grand Prix separated by a week …

The question arose about the relevance of this risky training in this delicate and busy period in terms of competition, but the facts are there: when I had just gotten on the podium at the Sachsenring, Pedro Acosta he went for a motocross session which he left on a stretcher with a fractured femur in his left leg. Logically he loses for Assen, who followed in the German Grand Prix, the driver Ajo KTM now he has another competition: to get back in shape to be in the lead ahead of the start of the course at Silverstone in August.

The delay seems enough, but what is detrimental is that this accident slows down an impulse that was beginning to take hold after a complicated discovery of the Moto2 category. About this situation, Pedro Acosta commented: ” adapting to Moto2 wasn’t as easy as I would have liked, but if it was easy it wouldn’t be as much fun “So he decided to have a little more fun with this injury that doesn’t minimize:” the most important thing now is to do it come back and find the rhythm. Due to the injury, we will have to start again, going step by step and without making mistakes, to be at the same level we were in Germany. “.

He adds, proving that he is taking on a challenge: it’s important to get back in the best shape possible, and these weeks of rest allow me to focus even more on getting back to 100% fitness. I do many hours of physiotherapy and work hard in the gym lose as little muscle mass as possible “.

However, his mid-season results from his first Moto2 campaign are in the keys to the roadmap set for this 2022 financial year: ” we didn’t start the year the way we would have liked ”Comments the companion ofAugusto Fernández, competing for the world crown. ” After two consecutive points-free races in Argentina and Portugal, and a fall in France when I was in the lead, we were able to turn the situation around. We arrived at the summer holidays with a win, a second place and a pole, so we’re at the point where we wanted to bealthough I would have liked to have reached that level at the beginning of the season “.

Pedro Acosta’s best memory so far is not his first victory

About his best memories so far, Pedro Acosta surprisingly, by not putting his first victory in Italy at the top of the list: ” Le Mans it was one of the best races, although we lost the victory due to the accident. It was the moment we took that step forward that allowed us to be at the forefront. the Sachsenring It was also a special race, because we started from the bottom of the grid and got on the podium. All the races have been good, but I would put them even higher than the victory in the Mugello “.

He also knows where he still needs to improve while being satisfied with an important validated quality: ” we have shown that we have pace, and we are strong in that regard. Although I started from afar in several races, I was able to fight and finish in a good position, and even fight for victory. We still have room for improvement, though it was important that we were strong in terms of pace “Despite this:” grades are the point where we need to work hardest. If we manage to be strong on Saturday, it would be a big boost for the races. We have the pace, but it’s important that we start on Sunday from a good position on the grid “.

He concludes by determining his goal for the remaining nine races: the goal is to try finish the year in the best way possible. It’s my first season in Moto2 and we finished the first half of the season in good shape, in terms of my fitness. We want to get back to this point as soon as possible and why not? – Continue with the progress we have made so far. I think we’ve taken the time to adapt and get to where we are today. “. And this necessary time mentioned, he will also take advantage of his ambition to one day join MotoGP.

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