Moto Gp world champion Fabio Quartararo: “Nothing can destabilize me”

Immersed in what has been his “dreamed from an early age“Fabio Quartararo received the MotoGP World Champion Medal this weekend in Monaco. He tells AFP what 2021 has been like.”changed (his) life“and warn:”nothing“neither”no one can destabilize (him)“.

How important is this International Motorcycle Federation (FIM) ceremony to you?

FQs : It’s important to realize. It’s the first time, it’s a great pleasure. It may sound strange to hear it, but it may be moments like this that you may notice.

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Since the last Grand Prix, on November 14 in Valencia, you have been receiving invitations from the media, you have started PSG-Nice … Do you value these commitments?

FQs : These are things I like to do even though I prefer some free time. It’s important for my image, I’ve also been able to benefit from it. There I will take a vacation from December 7 to 15, we will see Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi. And from the 16th I start training very, very hard again. I have a clear schedule and I know very well what I want for next year. I have even more motivation than in 2021.

Do you feel that you have changed your size?

FQs : It is true that it is strange that people on the street stop him asking for a photo. It’s still a pretty weird thing, the rise I’ve had in recent years, especially in 2021. My life has changed quite a bit. It means something great to me to know that I am and will be the first Frenchman to win the MotoGP Championship. It’s a huge source of pride.

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Can your degree create vocations in France?

QF: I hope. I am very proud to be told that there are many children who come to see me and tell me that I am their role model to be a pilot. These are things that really affect me. It makes me see pictures of when I was little, when I waited hours to see Valentino (Rossi). It makes me very happy, and I do my best to be a role model.

If we go back to the time of your title in Misano on October 24, what did you think when you crossed the line?

FQ: So many things, even before crossing the line, because obviously when I saw (Francesco) Bagnaia fall I knew I was already a champion. I don’t even know how I was able to finish the last four laps. When I crossed the finish line I thought especially about the difficult times I went through, when I traveled a lot with my father to shop (in Spain from the age of 7), all the moments when we made the most sacrifices with my parents, the my family.

Fabio Quartararo

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You were destined to become a champion, but it happened to you in the lower categories of the world. How did you hold on?

FQs : In 2015, for example, I was under a lot of pressure when compared to (Marc) Márquez. I was 15-16 years old. All these difficult times, all these moments of pressure, taught me a lot for the future. Between 2015 and 2018, I barely got any results. So today it was great for my mind to say to me “It’s not because I’ve been through so many difficult times that I won’t.” This is what made me very strong mentally.

Some competitors have highlighted this mental strength …

FQs : It’s not to brag, it’s something I work hard at. I’ve been a bad loser since I was a kid, and that’s a strength for me. When I’m on the circuit it’s for the sake of winning, not for making a top 5, and there’s no one who can destabilize me. At Silverstone, for example, when we say, “Fabio will be wrong, he must be.” I replied “okay no problem”, and in the end I won the race and my opponents were 14th (Bagnaia) and 9th (Joan Mir), these are things, small details, but mentally I manage to be very very strong and nothing can. destabilize me.

Do you have weaknesses?

FQs : Mixed conditions and rainy conditions are not one of my strengths, it is even one of my weaknesses, I have to be honest. I’m aware of that, so it’s good to know your weaknesses and work on them.

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