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Davide Tardozzi, director of the Ducati team, was interviewed after the Le Mans race. In Moto – G – Podcast, the director of the Ducati team talked about the relationship between its two riders, Miller and Bagnaia. But Tardozzi also unveiled managerial details such as the drivers’ contracts and the possibility of integrating a fourth team into the Ducati group, which already includes Zarco and Martin’s Pramac team and the Sponsorama Racing team of rookies Bastianini and Marini. , in addition to the official team.

Miller and Bagnaia: two very different but very related pilots

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Miller and Bagnaia are two very different riders in style and character. Tardozzi points out that despite this difference, the relationship between the two is very cordial and professional. The director of the Ducati team said that on Sunday, after the French GP, the first thing Miller did as soon as he entered the paddock was to celebrate his victory with his teammate Pecco Bagnaia, who came in 4th place. .

“Both drivers think and respect each other, which is very constructive for the rest of the team.”

Both riders are currently in the Top 5 of the driver classification: Bagnaia is 2nd with only one point difference over Quartararo; Miller is 4th behind the other Frenchman on the board, Johann Zarco.

“It is a very satisfactory result, considering that at the beginning of the year Pecco and Miller represented the big bet to the queen: Ducati decided to change its two riders, after participating in the motorcycle world championship with Dovizioso, who stayed with us. for 8 years (2013-2020) and Petrucci, who was there for 6 years (2015-2020) ”

“These results are the result of the good work of Gigi Dall’Igna”

Davide Tardozzi |  Team Manager Ducati Corse |  MotoGP 2021

Gigi Dall’Igna | General Manager Ducati Corse | MotoGP 2021Photo credit – Icon Sport

Tardozzi also highlighted the work done by Gigi Dall’Igna. Since coming as Ducati CEO, the team has had some technical and management insights that have been picked up by other teams and changed the fate of MotoGP.

“We were the first to hire a young driver and hire him not only as an official driver but also as a test driver, which when braking was more of a safety guarantee. Sometimes, in order to defend ourselves, we had to reveal everything. the opponents. There is no doubt that Ducati has changed the history of MotoGP in recent years. “

The Ducati: a versatile and complete bike

Davide Tardozzi |  Team Manager Ducati Corse |  MotoGP 2021

Quartararo and MillerPhoto credit – Icon Sport

The logic of Ducati is that its riders focus on the advantages of the bike and limit its disadvantages. Although some points on the bike are not as good as those of its rivals, the machine is still the fastest in the category.

“We will never have the agility in Yamaha curves, nor the sensitivity of Sukuzi’s change of direction; just like Yamaha and Sukuzi will never have our braking ability or our speed. We must try to improve our weaknesses. In our opinion, to mitigate Ducati’s weaknesses, it was necessary to change our two drivers. “

“We’ve had good results, but we still don’t have the level of the Quartararo Yamaha.”

Davide Tardozzi |  Team Manager Ducati Corse |  MotoGP 2021

Fabio QuartararoPhoto credit – IconSport

At the start of the season, Ducati won 9 podiums in 5 races; Yamaha achieved 5 podiums in 5 races. Although these results are very encouraging for the team of Bagnaia and Miller, according to the director of the stable, it is still necessary to take steps forward to achieve the actions of rivals.

“Yamaha won 3 races, we won 2 … and they could have won in Jerez too, but they were unlucky because of Quartararo’s physical problem. Yamaha is first in the championship, we are second. We have to be honest “At the moment we have obtained good results, but we still do not have the level of the Yamaha of Quartararo”.

Ducati’s priorities for 2021

Davide Tardozzi |  Team Manager Ducati Corse |  MotoGP 2021

Miller, Bagnaia, Mir, Rins and Zarco | MotoGP 2021Photo credit – Icon Sport

Driver title is the priority. Tardozzi says it would be nice to win the title with the main team, but if Zarco did better than his La Rossa teammates, it would also be a great result. This is due to the very close relationship between the official team and the Pramac team; a fact that even the head of the Pramac team (Paolo Campinoti) pointed out in a previous interview.

“Clearly, for Ducati, if we won with the main team, it would be better. But believe me when I say that, for us, the most important thing is to win with any Ducati. Between us and Pramac, there is a very close relationship: they are more of a half internal team than a satellite team I remind you that 7 people from Ducati work for Pramac and that the drivers have signed their contracts with Ducati, not with Pramac. there is a simple factory-satellite relationship. Pramac is a Ducati extension. “

Miller the thriller, Bagnaia the scholar

Davide Tardozzi |  Team Manager Ducati Corse |  MotoGP 2021

Miller and BagnaiaPhoto credit – Icon Sport

Tardozzi also told some nice anecdotes about his pilots. First in Miller, the Australian pilot who moved to Europe when he was still a minor.

“Jack considers the team to be his real family. Miller is almost never isolated in the motorhome, but he’s always in the paddock … sometimes he even sleeps there! While the mechanics work he puts on music, sometimes he sleeps on the couch. “But he does his best to stay with the boys. When he’s in the garage and he doesn’t sleep, he always jokes, he never stops!”

Pecco Bagnaia, on the other hand, is a little calmer:

“Bagnaia is very present, and talks a lot, especially with Christian Gabarrini (his track engineer) and Tommaso Pagano (his electronic engineer); it is very often with them to look at the data. He likes to compare his data with that of other pilots. At Ducati we have created a system where the data of our 6 riders (Bagnaia, Miller, Zarco, Martin, Bastianini, Marini) are always visible to all team members. We have been doing this since the beginning of the Dall’Igna era, and we have found it very useful ”.

Starting next year, there will be eight Ducati bikes

Davide Tardozzi |  Team Manager Ducati Corse |  MotoGP 2021

Alex Espargaro | Gresini Team | MotoGP 2021Photo credit – Icon Sport

Discussions are underway between Ducati and other teams: the VR46 team and the Gresini team could be integrated into the Borgo Panigale stable.

“True, there are contacts with these two teams … but it is also true that the VR46 team is also very close to Yamaha. Ducati could sign two more riders, but the details are not clear. They have not been resolved “But we’ll see what happens in the coming months.”

Pilot Contract Status: Miller will get an extension

Davide Tardozzi |  Team Manager Ducati Corse |  MotoGP 2021

Jack MillerPhoto credit – Icon Sport

The Australian driver has earned his contract extension. This extension will be fixed until the end of the 2022 season, and will probably be formalized after the Mugello race at the end of May. Miller had signed a one-year contract with Ducati until the end of the 2021 season, while Pecco had signed a two-year contract until the end of 2022. However, thanks to this extension, the duo will continue in the same team next year.

Márquez will be 100% in the Austrian GP

Davide Tardozzi |  Team Manager Ducati Corse |  MotoGP 2021

Marc Márquez | Honda | MotoGP 2021Photo credit – Icon Sport

You can teach a fast rider not to crash and not to make mistakes, but you can’t teach a slow rider to go fast. That’s what Tardozzi thinks, revealing that he spoke directly with Marc Márquez. The director of the Ducati team hopes that the seven-time world champion will be the rider again before Jerez-2019 … because he wants to have the satisfaction of beating the man he considers the best rider in the world of this generation .

“I spoke directly with Marc and he told me that he intended to be in top form for the Austrian GP. Márquez has suffered a lot in recent months. From a human point of view, he felt very stopped during these months. But he looked me in the eye and said, “I want to beat you in Austria.” It was a sincere joke, but there was a bit of truth: it means that Márquez hopes to be completely cured in August. “

to summarize

In a recent interview, the director of the Ducati team, Davide Tardozzi, spoke about the current situation in the Borgo Panigale stable. These are the main issues that Tardozzi addressed.

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