Moto: Fabio Quartararo, forever the first Moto GP world champion in France

Becoming the first French world champion, Fabio Quartararo now dreams of repeating his feat to “be considered a legend in the future”.

You have fulfilled your childhood dream. What do you dream about now?

The dream is to get a title back! Become a world champion again and be considered a legend in the future. I think we have the capabilities to do that.

The experience of the pressure that I have put on these last two races, if I find myself in a situation like this again, will help me to know that I have already experienced it and that it has gone well.

Were you under pressure then?

Already last night I had a strange dream where it was raining. At 5 in the morning, I woke up to check and was able to go back to bed quietly. […] And today is the first time I can’t eat!

Every time I ate a gnocchi, I thought I had 30 more on my plate. I don’t usually like having too many people around me, including my family, but here I wanted to have them with me. Having their support has been great.

Where does this pressure come from?

The stress was not to lose the championship, but to say “world champion” is a big word! Although, consciously, I have not thought about it, it is a time when something extraordinary could happen.

I honestly didn’t think it would happen today. The only solution was for Pecco (Francesco Bagnaia, his last rival) to make a mistake and commit one.

What did you think when he fell?

Frankly, I didn’t mind taking the title fight to the next race. Of course, I’m happy to be champion but I can’t be happy because Pecco fell, it’s two different things. I’m sorry for him, but it’s my day to be world champion.

“The Devil” in a nutshell

Born in Nice on April 20, 1999, to a father, Étienne, a locksmith and French 125cc champion, and a mother, Martine, a hairdresser, Fabio Quartararo has always been involved in motorcycling. in a small “piwi” from Yamaha. , now.

At the age of 14, in 2013, he became the youngest winner of the competitive Spanish championship, then he did it again in 2014, before entering the world championship, in the Moto3 category, in 2015.

Until 2018, the rider went multiple teams (10th, 13th in Moto3, 13th, 10th in Moto2), and won a Grand Prix in 2018. He entered Moto GP in 2019 with the Yamaha-SRT satellite team.

You win as a motorcycle icon Valentino Rossi, whom you replaced on Yamaha, retires. You must be dreaming of the same career …

Several people have already told me that this is the last season of Valentino, that I brought his bike to the team. I hope I can think, like all these people, that I could take the place of a legend.

Quartararo exults, helmet of world champion at his feet.

Marc Márquez is winning the Grand Prix today and says he hopes to give you problems next year. Do you want him as an opponent?

I hope ! I have a very good relationship with him. He is a person I adore and I have taken a huge example. We have things to finish with him and me, fights I couldn’t win. I hope to do it again next year. He will be one of the favorites for the title.

Do you expect your success to increase the popularity of motorcycling in France?

It can take a lot to have an athlete who triggers the counter to be world champion. When you have a Frenchman who can win, there are more people watching, so I hope it’s a boost for French sport.

Grand Prix Ranking : 1. Marc Márquez (ESP / Honda) in 41 ’52 “830 (average: 163.4 km / h); 2. Pol Espargaro (ESP / Honda) in 4”859; 3. Enea Bastianini (ITA / Ducati- Avintia) 12”013.

General classification: 1. Fabio Quartararo (FRA / Yamaha) 267 pts; 2. Francesco Bagnaia (ITA / Ducati) 202; 3. Joan Mir (ESP / Suzuki) 175; 4. Johann Zarco (FRA / Ducati); 5.Jack Miller (AUS / Ducati).

A record of precocity

France has been hoping since 1949 to have its first world motorcycle speed champion in the premier category. Body of Americans, Australians and then Italians (with Max Biaggi and the legend Valentino Rossi), and Spaniards (Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Márquez, etc.) in the 2000s, the French could take over the length with Fabio Quartararo. .

The 22-year-old rider is fast and not just riding a bike. The Nice native learned to ride before walking and has crushed the competition since he was a child. A gifted one! Throughout his young career, Quartararo won everything in his path to the point of being nicknamed “El Diablo” by the Spaniards when he became the youngest driver to reach the pole position (20 years and 14 days) ahead of a certain Marc Márquez, world quadruple. champion.

Yes, in his Yamaha, this devil of Fabio is not the saint we believe in, the good-looking one who delights sponsors and followers with the modernity of his communication. The French pilot is a warrior who likes to frustrate predictions.

On July 19, 2020, while fans of tricolor motorcycles had until then been betting on Avignonese Johann Zarco for a first French victory in the queen category, Quartararo will fall at the forefront of the stage at lightning speed by winning the GP de Jerez: a first from the Frenchman Régis Laconi, he was at the GP in Valencia in 1999. “El Diablo” was then just an angel of … 5 months.


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