Montreal, the second home of Wyclef Jean

“I’ve played all over the world, and yet there are places where I go where it’s even more fun. This is the case in Montreal, ”explains Wyclef Jean a few hours before his long-awaited concert last night at Windsor Station, on the occasion of the Grand Prix.

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We can say that Wyclef Jean wanted to come and sing in Montreal on Saturday night.

His flight from New York was initially canceled, forcing him to take the Big Apple route to the metropolis.

Then, just hours before she touched the red carpet and performed at Windsor Station, she was still waiting for her custom-made Ghostlabel dress.

Then we finished it, in the Toronto studio of designer Rodrigue Djimbaye, before sending it by plane.

What makes the 52-year-old Haitian rapper nervous?

“Not at all, because acting for me is second nature, so I don’t have to prepare. I’m ready for tonight, ”laughs the man who, if he had known he had to drive to Montreal, would have done so with his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

25 years alone

It’s the album’s 25th anniversary Wyclef Jean presents the carnival (his first studio album, released in June 1997) that the singer celebrated on Saturday evening, on the sidelines of the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

“The first chapter of all Wyclef’s music,” said the 45-minute concert.

“The great thing is that people don’t know how I’m going to present this album. live he continues.

When I’m on stage, I want people to sing with me, dance, and have fun. »

The former member of the famous group Fugees also promised to deliver the tracks from all his albums, old and new.

“Montreal is special, because when I was 15 or 16, my father was a missionary and we came to sing in the churches, with my mother and my brothers,” he recalls. For me, coming to Montreal means returning to my second home. »

1997 : a new album

Formula One fan and big fan of British driver Lewis Hamilton (whom he has already met, he says), Wyclef Jean will not be able to attend the Montreal race this weekend, however, as he is expected on Sunday in New York.

However, he promises to return to Montreal soon, in particular to present a new album called 1997, scheduled for later this year.

The 10-song opus will include a piece in French, a song his mother played at home during his youth.

The title, 1997, refers to the year the album was released The Carnival.

“The year music changed in America,” he says. It was an album that celebrated the culture of immigration. This album will also celebrate this culture, the possibilities that immigrants have and how we should live better together. »

Wyclef Jean

“It’s my first time in Montreal! It’s so exciting, I’m about to party,” said Kim Lee, an actress and DJ expected at the turntable tonight.

Wyclef Jean

“As soon as I saw Wyclef’s name, I knew he had to be there. We have been following him since the time of the Fugees, we couldn’t miss him “, says Bruny Surin, in the arms of his wife, Bianelle Legros.

Wyclef Jean

Former Montreal F1 driver and big fan Jenson Button paraded across the red carpet, without addressing the media.

Wyclef Jean

“I don’t go back to Montreal very often, so I take the opportunity to see my sisters, my siblings, my parents, and my grandparents,” said tennis player Eugenie Bouchard.

Zachary Fucale

Photo by Martin Alarie

Zachary Fucale

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