Michael Schumacher in the worst shape since his accident? The F1 star makes terrible revelations

Michael Schumacher, former glory of F1, has disappeared from the radar. He had a ski accident in 2013. Since then, few people have been able to approach him. We only know that he is currently in Switzerland with his family. As for his state of health, we do not know much. Recently, a former Formula 1 star raised the issue. The latter, however, remained discreet.

It is in red that we will remember him

It’s been almost 10 years. Everything related to Michael Schumacher’s state of health remains a mystery. Even in Switzerland, information on this subject is scarce. In fact, the German currently lives there. Only your friends and your doctors have the right to approach you.

As a reminder, Baron Roig was the victim of a terrible ski accident. The former F1 star was severely damaged in the skull. He moved to Miribel in 2013. He was with his family for the holidays. Since this terrible accident, we have never seen him in public again. Married and the father of a son, the seven-time F1 world champion is hidden by his wife.

The legend of Michael Schumacher was built within the Scuderia Ferrari team. The German driver has no less than 5 F1 World Cups in his career with the Maranello team. He then made his last season at Ferrari in 2006. It was during this season that Felipe Massa arrived.

The latter had a chance to coincide with the German Formula 1 legend. The two men met and got very close. After the end of their career, Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa remained linked. The latter even claims to know the health status of the pilot genius.

Michael Schumacher is in a complicated phase

During a recent interview, Massa talked about his friend’s health status. Then, he admitted that the situation of the former star is not easy. According to him, Michael Schumacher would be in “a complicated phase. »

However, the 41-year-old Brazilian remained evasive. He hinted that he has no right to reveal anything about it. Therefore, he did not give details about the German’s health.

“I know how it is, I have this information. They don’t like to divulge information about it, so who am I for? he says.

He also invited people to show respect for Michael Schumacher and his family. Words reminiscent of Jean Todt. The latter is a great friend of Schumacher and Felipe Massa. He has already mentioned the situation of the German champion on several occasions.

However, he did so by measuring his words. Felipe, in turn, did as his friend did. However, he hopes Schumacher will improve and one day attend an F1 race. For information, Michael Schumacher’s son, Mick, followed in his father’s footsteps. Felipe Massa, then, hopes that his friend will one day see his son run.

The succession of Michael Schumacher

Speaking of Mick Schumacher, he also embraced the same career as his father. In fact, Michael Schumacher’s son lived his first season as a driver in 2021. The championship was slow that year. We will remember for a long time this fierce struggle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

Other pilots have also been demonstrated. There have been revelations including Mick Schumacher. The latter managed to attract attention, despite the many disappointments. Team Hass obviously did well to trust him as the youngster finished on points this weekend. And for the second time in a row. Mick Schumacher was 22 at the time.

Thanks to his performance in the championship, Ferrari offered him a great promotion. This offer implies that he will become a reserve driver within the team in 2022. This means that he could take the wheel of a Scuderia in case of desertion of Charles Leclerc or Carlos Sainz Jr. He could have a chance to prove that he is his father’s worthy son …

“We must not forget that he is already a Ferrari driver: he is part of the Ferrari Driver Academy and, as we repeat, this academy exists to identify future Ferrari drivers,” said Mattia Binotto, director of the Scuderia team. .

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