Messi’s Argentina surprises Chiellini’s Italy

The gala match played this Wednesday at Wembley between Italy, the European champions, and Argentina, the starter of the Copa America, was largely won by the South Americans (3-0).

Lionel Messi’s Argentina, starter of the Copa America, easily won the gala duel against the European champions of Italy (3-0), on Wednesday in London, depriving Giorgio Chiellini of a good conclusion for his 117th and final participation in Azzurro. “Chiello” would have expected a stage departure at the height of his service record. But the 37-year-old Italian veteran has shown his age in the face of the technique and vivacity of the Argentine attackers, who did not come to give him gifts for his retirement.

In the first goal, the azzurro captain was beaten with vivacity by Lautaro Martínez, forgotten in the six meters after a decisive blow by Messi on the left (28th). In the second, he was overtaken by Di Maria on the axis (45th + 1). And he did not reappear after the break, leaving Nacional for a unilateral second half in favor of Argentina, totally dominant. Italy appeared in the image of their pitched captain: he could never match the Albiceleste.

Argentina won this intercontinental trophy for the second time – in three editions – after their success in 1993 against Denmark (1-1 ap, 5 shots on goal at 4). France had won the first edition in 1985 against Uruguay (2-0).

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Answer Mbappé

Lionel Scaloni’s team, unbeaten for 32 consecutive games, has shown full confidence less than six months before the Qatar 2022 World Cup (November 21-December 18) where they will face Saudi Arabia. Mexico in the first round and Poland. By dominating the European champions, even very pale compared to the team he had seduced during Euro 2020, Messi and his teammates give a small answer to Kylian Mbappé.

The star striker of the blues had annoyed some Argentines in believing that South American football was not “Not so advanced” that of the Old Continent, for not being able, by its players, to dispute “High level matches all the time”. On the pitch at Wembley, less than a year after the “Magic Nights” concluded with a coronation against England, it is, however, the European champion who has been surpassed, apart from a fairly balanced first half hour. .

Morale still plagued by the fiasco of the play-off lost to Northern Macedonia (0-1) in March, which deprived her of the World Cup for the second time in a row, Roberto Mancini’s Nazionale ran after the ball, with no ideas and no legs.

question marks

Gianluigi Donnarumma was reduced to doing what he could in the second half to prevent Argentina from scoring two or three more goals, which they might not have usurped. “Gigio” was, above all, entitled to “personal training” offered by his teammates this season at Paris SG, Di Maria (60th, 62nd) and Messi (65th, 67th, 69th). The goalkeeper, the best player in the European Championship last summer, also avoided a gag by stopping Bonucci (56th) from a wrong back pass just in front of his line.

Finally, he lost again, 3-0, only in extra time in a shot from the back Paulo Dybala (90th + 4). An evening to forget for Roberto Mancini and his players, the enchanted parenthesis of the Euro is well closed. After this gala evening, the coach who remained in the lead despite the Macedonian fiasco will launch a new reconstruction from Saturday against Germany, in Bologna, in the League of Nations. Without Chiellini, but with capital questions.

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