Mercato – Ligue 1: What should OM expect with Jordan Veretout?

In the summer of 2017, Jordan Veretout, hired for 7 million euros, arrived on tiptoe in Florence. To describe it in a press conference, the legend of the viola Giancarlo Antognoni is also very concise: “An all-terrain midfielder, modern and with a good vision of the game“. Ultimately, the field will speak. Two years later, the native of Ancenis is considered one of the best in his position in Serie A.

He is a great player who has two main and essential qualities. The first is technique. He knows how to provide verticality, with a good predisposition to play in depth and the ability to make quick simple passes. And the second is his character. He is a player who never gives up on the pitch“, summed up Stefano Pioli, then on the Fiorentina bench, one day in September 2018. In the transfer window, the big Italian teams are destroying the French environment, from Napoli to Roma via AC Milan Finally it was the Louve club that managed to recruit him for around twenty million euros.

Fiorentina – Pioli: “Veretout has two great qualities”

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There were other clubs, it’s truehe confided to Eurosport a few months later. Then, I had the trainer (Paulo Fonseca at the time, editor’s note) on the phone, he did a lot to get me to come. It is very important for a player. I also have Italian friends who gave me advice, telling me that Roma was a great club. I had the opportunity to play against her in the last few seasons with Fiorentina, and I saw that playing at the Olympics in front of the fans is a huge thing. my redemption (was on loan, editor’s note) it just became official and I’m very happy about it.”

OM can expect great things

In three seasons with Roma, the former Nantes player, who also went through Saint-Etienne and will therefore return to Ligue 1 with OM, will have experienced highs (mostly) and lows (a little ). We could mention, for example, his more than successful first season, with no less than 43 games on the clock. Or the next, becoming only the second French midfielder to score ten or more goals in a single Serie A season, after Michel Platini (in 1982/83, 1983/84, 1984/85 and 1985/86) . His ability to adapt, whether in the double pivot of Fonseca’s initial 4-2-3-1 or in a four-man environment after a system change, has always been praised. Before a tormented last season, Veretout was the Giallorossi’s undisputed starter.

Everything had started well for him herethey tell us at his now ex-club. Many things were said then, that he was interested in Milan, Naples, etc. The fact that he finally chose Roma pleased the fans. His first year was very positive, and even the second with, however, some injuries. Jordan had a warrior demeanor on the pitch, which is what everyone was looking for after Nainggolan left. He gives you everything on the pitch with crazy intensity. OM can expect great things.”

Capable of doubling his runs and multiplying his efforts, which should please his new coach Igor Tudor, the France international has long been a fixture in the Eternal City. But not only because of his “grinta”. Veretout has always been able to combine the two phases, offensive and defensive. From his forward projections to his defensive runs, the penalty-killer also got the job done in two, thanks mostly to his activity and killing. The adjectives that come up most often to describe it? “Dynamic”, “intensive”, certainly “creative”, too, to the point of finishing second in the key assist ranking in 2018-2019, and “decisive”, above all, with 33 goals and 13 assists in 166 games in Serie A. But if the almost thirty-year-old was so successful, why did Roma let him go, can you tell us?

He leaves Rome with indifference

After several seasons, Jordan Veretout experienced a serious setback during the last one with José Mourinho. “Some character limits appeared, laments a supporter of the club. The Portuguese is not really a tender person. For me, he was suffering from playing less and couldn’t find the resources to reverse it. Let’s be clear: all the players who liked Mourinho little or not at all have stopped playing. Only one managed to find the strength to change his case a little: Marash Kumbulla. Veretout too, if you want, but also thanks to the intelligence of the “Mister” who did not want to condemn him. He had some playtime, but not like before. And he needs to chain the matches.

The arrival of Sérgio Oliveira during the last winter transfer window did nothing to help the Frenchman’s business. “He has more positional sense than Veretout“Mourinho loved at the time. Those of Nemanja Matic and Georginio Wijnaldum this summer convinced him definitively to pack his bags, direction Canebière.

With the Special One, the story never looked right. While the two had an admittedly cordial relationship, it was described as “cold” and “distant“Inside, to the extent that the interested party saw his playing time break down over the course of the season, well aware of ceasing to be the first choice in midfield. Where the ‘Mou’ values especially Bryan Cristante’s profile: in Roma’s triple system (3-4-2-1, 3-5,-2, 3-4-3…), Veretout no longer had his place, arriving to slide little by little in the hierarchy of environments.

No one will be pulling their hair out for him after he leaves, especially given the transfer window Roma are intells us a regular at Trigoria, the training center of the Giallorossi. Veretout was appreciated, but did not manage to fully enter the hearts of the people. He probably lacked a bit of mischief off the pitch, fans always need little catchphrases to get them excited… Jordan didn’t have that ability in front of the media, but it’s his character..”

We were very surprised by this case

With Tudor’s OM, Veretout hopes to regain his performance. Like his freedom of projection and his forward gallops. A “box-to-box” profile that pleases his new coach, quickly seduced by the idea of ​​being able to recruit the one still aiming for the World Cup with the blues. Before that, however, we will have to resolve an extra-sporting issue. Outraged, thousands of Marseille fans have actually managed to get the hashtag #VeretoutNotWelcome trending in France on Twitter this week. The reason ? His controversial position as a player in a court case involving his in-laws. A story that appeared on social networks after the first rumors of his move to Canebière.

We were very surprised, we had never heard of this affairan employee from Rome confides in us. You will have to manage to solve this story or ignore it. Jordan is someone very shy in life, quite the opposite of what the field might suggest. He doesn’t have a leading character in a locker room, which will likely have to help him if he turns into whistles..”

Asked at a press conference on Friday, the person concerned tried to put out the fire. “I’m here to play footballhe assured These are difficult and complicated times. I do not endorse these facts. I don’t fit into this story. I’m at OM to play football and spend a good time with the group or outside with people at the Velodrome. I am generally appreciated. In Italy they appreciated me. I’m happy. I’m here to play football. You have great results here and thrills. I experienced it last year. And I want to continue and experience that here at OM it must be magical. I fight to win titles.”

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