Maxime Grousset, a new status to be confirmed

“At the moment I’m on an upward slope and it’s very nice”says Maxime Grosset. SEBASTIEN MUD/SPORTS PRESS

In the absence of Léon Marchand and Florent Manaudou, the Caledonian swimmer will headline the French team at the European Championships in Rome (August 11-17).

An irresistible ascent. From the Olympic Games in Tokyo to the European Championships in Rome, passing through the World Championships in Budapest, only one year has passed. 365 fully profitable days for Maxime Grousset to consolidate himself as the future, but also the present, of the French sprint. In the Japanese capital, for his first Olympic experience, the native of Noumea, New Caledonia, had set a first milestone by finishing 4th.e of the final of the 100 meters free, behind the untouchable trio Caeleb Dressel-Kyle Chalmers-Kliment Kolesnikov. Even so, it was about confirming and not making Tokyo a sword strike in the water.

Despite the flu and a shoulder injury interrupting his winter preparation, he lived up to expectations. First at the French championships at the beginning of April where Grosset wanted “show who was the boss of the 100 m, at least in France. And then, I also wanted to show everyone internationally that I’m there too.“With his victory in 48″03, the mission was accomplished, especially because he also won the title in 50m butterfly and 50m freestyle (but without overcoming an injured Florent Manaudou before the final).

Laure’s younger brother who, however, was delighted with the appearance of the Caledonian, even if it risks overshadowing him a little. “We play sports to have rivalries. It’s great to have a swimmer like Max next to me, who swims the same times as me. We run to almost every meeting.»

I am very happy to be vice-champion of the world, to have represented France so well

Maxim Grosset

Direction then Budapest, last month, and the world championships where the 23-year-old French tried to climb to his first international podium in individual. Once again, he was ready. Even a little later. During a magnificent final of the 100 meters freestyle, Maxime Grousset, at the head of much of the two lengths, has not missed anything behind the Romanian David Popovici (by six hundredths, 47”58 against 47”64). Which feed do you regret? yes and no “I am very happy to be vice-champion of the world, to have represented France so well. During the race, I felt that we were all on the same line, I felt that maybe Popovici would win. It didn’t work, I broke a little at the end. There’s a moment where I slow down a bit, time it but I shouldn’t have, I should have led from start to finish and won that race. But that’s the experience. I am vice-champion of the world and I will not be disappointed.“A greater happiness than behind also won the bronze in the 50 meter freestyle.

Silver, bronze. Now Grosset wants gold. Although this week he will only be European in Rome where he will line up as usual in the 50m and 100m freestyle (final on August 17 and 13), as well as the 50m butterfly (final on August 12). With, as a high point, a possible revenge of Popovici. A Romanian who promised Michel Chrétien’s student to INSEP “beat next time» that he will find it in a pond.

“I know where I’m going”

But, beyond this duel, he wants to prove to the Italian capital that he is capable.”to assume their new status“, as he confided in the official magazine of the French Swimming Federation. “It doesn’t scare me. I know where I’m going I have been thinking about the Paris Games for a long time. We’ll see where the road takes me until then. For now, I’m borrowing an uphill slope and it’s very nice“. That finally takes her to the top, after Budapest and Tokyo, only to complete her tour of the basins in 365 days.

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