Marseille – The five most beautiful photos of the transfer window of Javier Ribalta, future sports director of OM

5. Dani Alves, efficiency, free

In Turin, the arrival of Javier Ribalta coincides with the return to the front line of Juventus in Italy. Recruited for the first time by La Vella to find young players, the Spaniard ends up specializing in the search for experienced players whose contractual situation presents an opportunity. Which, in the long run, should allow the Piedmontese club to find the au gratin of Europe.

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PSG returns to the radar of financial net play


Thanks to a job done with good intelligence with his two superiors, Fabio Paratici (technical coordinator) and Beppe Marotta (sports director), Ribalta and Juve get several masters strokes (Khedira, Tévez, Evra …). And Daniel Alves. At the end of the 2015/2016 season, after talks with several members of his network in Catalonia, where he is from, Ribalta learns that a secret clause appears in the Brazilian team’s contract, then linked to Barça until the end. summer of 2017.

It is established that in case of activation before June 5, Daniel Alves will be able to leave the Barça club freely. In a few days, the Turin board is active, negotiating a contractual agreement with the Brazilian and completing his transfer. A few days earlier, the team held the titles on the pitch at the Camp Nou, without saying goodbye. Until the last moment, none of his comrades had considered leaving.

4. Leandro Paredes, the sale of nerves

Javier Ribalta has a skill that could be very useful at Olympique de Marseille. He knows how to sell. Fast. Well. When it arrived at Zenit in the summer of 2018, the St. Petersburg club could not win the league since 2015. To stop the dominance of the Moscow teams (CSKA, Lokomotiv, Dynamo), the Spaniards must release funds. to rebuild an entire template.

“Attracting Zidane would already weaken Campos’ authority”

Well, Paris Saint-Germain are looking for a midfielder and are interested in Leandro Paredes, the undisputed owner of Zenit. A year earlier, the Russian club made a great financial effort to pay the Argentine international: 23 million euros. And he accepted the idea that at this price, a capital gain on resale would be a miracle: historically, the big European clubs refuse to take big financial risks for the players who play in the Russian championship.

Thus, when Antero Henrique, then sporting director of Paris Saint-Germain, came to the news, Ribalta responded nervously. “I told him that for less than $ 40 million, Leandro wouldn’t go anywherewill reveal to local media […] We knew they had money. We had seen how they had performed in the market in previous years. And that gave us some strengths“.

Result of the races: Paris pays 47 million euros to pay the Argentine. The investment is doubled. With this money, Zenit will be allowed to pay three players (Azmoun, Barrios, Rakitskiy). Chelsea, where Maurizio Sarri had requested the arrival of the Argentine, had only offered 20 million euros.

3. Kingsley Coman, the discovery of the good vein

2014, Paris only has eyes for the stars that Qatari owners can offer you. Ribalta has his eye on Kingsley Coman. For a few months, the Spaniard dissected the videos of the young winger, took notes and multiplied his trips to Paris to observe him more closely. Titi becomes the youngest player in the history of the club to play in Ligue 1. But his trainee contract expires and PSG, already heavily armed on the offensive level, cannot offer him any sporting guarantees.

“With Tchouaméni, Real are winning their youth bet”

Very soon, Ribalta felt that Coman’s situation within his training club was a dead end. And he does not wait until the end of the season to present his name to Fabio Paratici. “He worked there for six months, day and nighthe entrusted the Spaniard to the Guardian. First we went to see the player together several times because Fabio wanted to make sure it was worth investing in him. Then, as soon as he was convinced to sign Kingsley, he made many – believe me, many – trips to convince Coman, his family and agents to choose Juventus in the face of many other offers and a possible extension with PSG.. “
Without the eye of her recruiter, La Vella would never have discovered a vein that will benefit many other European clubs in the coming seasons. Coman will never become a major player for the Turin club. But it will bring him 21 million, three years later, during his last transfer to Bayern.

2. Pogba, the record find

Two years earlier, Ribalta had already spotted a similar but much more fruitful opportunity for Juventus, both sportingly and financially. As soon as he arrived in Turin, Ribalta breathed the name of Paul Pogba. Like many, the Spaniard saw the exceptional athletic and technical qualities of the Frenchman. He is also aware of the strong character of “La Pioche” and the tensions with Sir Alex Ferguson over his short-term future and playing time. The opportunity is too good.

Will we find the Pogba of the Blues at Juve? “They need each other”

Alerted by her recruiter, Turin’s management is trying the blow. And I won’t regret it. In Piedmont, Pogba exploded and became one of the best midfielders in Serie A. Four years later, he returned to Manchester United to become the most expensive player in history (105 million euros). Ribalta changes status. And enjoy blind trust.

1. Bruno Fernandes, the farewell gift of 40,000 euros

In Novara, Ribalta finally gets the job he has always dreamed of. After passing through Milan, in 2011 he became the head of the recruitment unit of the small Piedmontese club. The leader discovers a very unstable environment and decides to look for another place after only one season. But before he leaves, he presents one last idea. During his many hours of viewing in his office, Ribalta showed a young player playing with the Boavista U19. Bruno Fernandes.

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In Portugal, not many people believe in this midfielder who has not even been on the radar of the “very big” (Porto, Benfica, Sporting). Convinced by his recruiter, Novara proves his bet. And he pays … 40,000 euros. The Portuguese’s first season in Serie B is a success. A year later, Udinese rushed the player with a check for 2.5 million euros. Novara multiplied its investment by 62.5.

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