Marc Lievremont goes through Brive: “The CAB is right to aim for more than maintenance”

Today an adviser to Canal +, the former coach of the XV of France Marc Lievremont has been, this Thursday evening, “in a city that breathes rugby”, Brive. Guest of honor at the celebration of the Entreprendre network winners, he recounted his career, the values ​​of rugby and how “they can be transposed for artisans or entrepreneurs regardless of the economic context. “The opportunity to talk to him about the Top 14, tonight’s final between Castres and Montpellier, and of course the CAB.

With dignity, nobility and courage

What is your opinion on this season of the Top 14?

It was a tricky season after the health crisis that forced us all. It must be acknowledged that French rugby is in good dynamics and includes its locomotive, the French national team and its grand slam. The Top 14 remains a hotly contested marathon regardless of clubs and ambitions.
We saw that even at the bottom of the table, the fight between Perpignan and Brive was fierce until the end. Everyone fought with dignity, nobility and courage. I am delighted that CAB and USAP, two historic players in French rugby, have maintained their values.

Are you surprised by the final ranking?

Yes and no. The big international suppliers have paid a high price in terms of surcharges, postponed matches, mobilization around the XV of France. The big loser at the end of the season is the Stade Toulousain, which saw its two titles disappear in a few weeks. This may also be the case in Bordeaux. Others are surprises without being one, such as the two finalists, Montpellier and Castres.

CO is the eternal thumb that works miracles in relation to your payroll and your budget.

The MHR arrived a little more masked after a tricky season. As for three years, it is the two clubs that have been most consistent that are in the final. They were able to retain their place as direct semifinalists. The freshness asset was decisive in the semifinals.

The CAB in the spotlight of a web series broadcast by the LNR and produced by a Corrézien

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Do you see any similarities between CO and MHR?

They are two homogeneous teams that look alike. They have built their season on their pragmatism, an excellent conquest, an excellent defense, a quality of employment and punctual lightning. With Mercer in Montpellier, with Palis, Dumora in Castres.

The presence of the OC in the final is encouraging due to the reduced budgets of the Top 14 …

For teams like Brive and Perpignan? The two have shown this season that they deserve their place in the Top 14. They have been able to compete, win games with less means. There was a management of the staff that was exciting. The CO is not that far away. That said, it will certainly be tricky for Brive or USAP to be champions of France next year. But in any case, the possibility of playing at the highest level, of pleasing his fans, his teammates will be there.

A utopian top 8 for Brive?

In your opinion, wasn’t it utopian for Brive to announce the top 8 before the start of the championship?

In recent seasons, Brive has been very close to the top 8. At times he has been a part of it. I am in favor of having goals, of aiming a little more than to maintain.

Every year it’s tricky to mobilize partners an audience based your speech on the only maintenance. This is obviously the priority, but we must not stop dreaming anymore. Positive speech is important at the start of the season, even if it means re-evaluating it along the way.

Having been a player for a club that was not at the helm at the time, in this case USAP, we still wondered why not us?

How do you see tonight’s final?

I enjoyed the semifinals and still look forward to seeing a show. The bonus will go to the most pragmatic. At first glance, these are not teams used to mounting their rugby sweeping the width, as do Toulouse, ASM or even UBB. However, the CO and MHR can play spectacular rugby. They both have their chance. This final seems very balanced, far from the 2018 vintage where the CO had won by surprise of all and both Montpellier came with the status of favorite.

Pascal Goumy

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