Lot: the third part slips into the coach of the young rugby players, the driver is upset, the clubs react

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Indiscipline, child stupidity, non-compliance with safety rules on a bus: these words characterize the recurring discomfort described and reported by a driver carrying young rugby players. Live complicated journeys. The presidents of the Saint-Céré and Bretenoux clubs calm things down and discuss solutions. For his part, Jean-Claude Tardieu, chairman of the Rugby Departmental Committee, is loose and angry. He pushes a big diatribe, does not hesitate to talk about “serious abuse” and promises to act quickly. Not to repress.

“A prevention-focused approach”: It is in these terms that Claude Honhon, a bus driver for Delbos, challenges the presidents of the Saint-Céré and Bretenoux rugby clubs to warn them of behaviors that he considers unacceptable. Behavior observed and “suffered” during the return trip of the players of the rugby schools of these clubs in Espalion (Aveyron), on March 19.

Claude Honhon calls on the clubs “to open a constructive and preventive dialogue to prevent a repeat of what happened that day:” Failure to follow the most basic safety instructions (not wearing a seat belt, not wearing a mask, traffic in the central). corridor, rumor, etc.). »

At other times, he regretted the damage: “dirty seats and curtains, broken luggage racks …”, he lists. “And sometimes, with other players, I witnessed amazing scenes where young people showed their buttocks to motorcyclists. I know it’s part of some kind of ritual. »

A much deeper discomfort

In addition, this driver wonders about “the injuries suffered by a young man without a seat belt, in the shoes of a file” if he had to brake suddenly. This driver is still angry when he sees a scene from March 19 where “educators without seat belts were playing cards while young people were shouting and having fun in the central aisle of the bus. »

Now calm after this hectic trip, Claude Honhon does not want this situation to crystallize in the only clubs of Saint-Céré and Bretenoux. The discomfort is deepest in the world of rugby.
“My goal is not to find a confrontation, but a reflection with the representatives of the officials involved: drivers, transporters, educators, parents,” he said.

The clubs have taken action

William Jonquières, president of the Saint-Céré club, responds to the driver: “You can be sure that respect for safety, hygiene and education is a priority within our club, both with our senior teams and with our rugby school. . Therefore, we regret the behavior of our players during the March 19 trip. »

Then, as a result of a meeting of the club’s management, several decisions were made: zero in alcohol consumption. That it has always happened does not mean that it must continue. I respect the driver’s warning, but everyone should act and be aware of the problem. Including parents, of course. »

“Children Without Boundaries” and the Effects of the Post-Covid Era

His counterpart from Bretenoux, Pierre Certament, co-president of the club, shares this feeling: “I know this problem. Of course there were problems. I called the driver’s head. We have educators who do what they can to manage certain children without limits. It’s not easy. But we didn’t expect a driver to write to us to make us aware of the problem and talk clearly to the parents. »

Finally, Gilles Cayrel, one of the people in charge of Cars Delbos, which organizes the trips of 26 drivers, says: “I have the impression that the post-Covid period plays a big role in these behaviors that we must not accept. Young people deprived of their liberty are releasing everything now. This is what comes out of my drivers. Claude Honhon was a pedagogue. It is normal to be sensitized. The alarm rang. What happened is not dramatic, but it is clear that we must act and prevent to avoid the worst, “he said.

The driver’s conclusion and question

“I understand that rugby has changed certain practices and rules on the pitch to preserve the players. Wouldn’t it be time to do the same with transportation conditions? asks the driver, only to end with a hopeful note on a bus laden with childish stupidity. Stupidity is corrected. Not everything is so dark. The oval will no doubt be able to return to the field of wisdom and calm.

Jean-Claude Tardieu reactive and combative

Jean-Claude Tardieu, chairman of the Lot’s rugby departmental committee: Here’s a man who’s not used to sticking his tongue in his pocket when it comes to defending the values ​​of rugby much to give.

Jean-Claude Tardieu revolts. It promises to act quickly and well.
Photo DDM, archives, J.-LG

“I left on Sunday 1 May with the Souillac club in Montech for the match against Maubourguet. I saw disgusting behaviors, attitudes I don’t accept: a Lot player with a thong, a trumpet on his buttocks, and an obscene inscription on his back. In the face of these unacceptable acts and gestures and others, I decided to lead a struggle at a national level because this type of phenomenon does not occur, obviously, only in the Lot “, he underlines.

“My fight will be draconian”

“It simply came to our notice then. The reaction of the exasperated bus driver is perfectly normal. He regularly informs me of these deviations observed at all ages. I know all this. My struggle will be draconian. I will implement the big media by calling on the colonel of the Lot gendarmerie to mobilize as many preventive forces as possible. I am not to punish, but to avoid excesses and deviations. What happened on that bus was the start of the drift. If this is not taken seriously from the start, our rugby values ​​will be devoured everywhere. We have to act now, ”said Jean-Claude Tardieu, who is very upset.

“A lot of work needs to be done with the authorities”

“The educator is a profession. Today I say we need to focus on priorities. I repeat to the educators: stop the technique, take care of the ethics of our sport and hygiene. What is happening is serious. I want to save the sport in general and keep it away from drugs and alcohol as well. This also affects half of football. I want a lot more controls. I can’t let go of certain things. And I’m not saying that. Cocaine is ubiquitous among young people in the Lot and, therefore, also in the world of sports. Today I am a downcast man. I spoke to the gendarmes on Friday 29 April in Souillac on the occasion of the match between the national gendarmerie rugby team and a selection of Lot players. The colonel will help me, so will the prefect. I firmly believe in it. There is a lot of work to be done with the authorities “, he concludes. Jean-Claude Tardieu stands firm on his crampons: combative in a collective spirit.

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