Ligue 1 – PSG – How Christophe Galtier and Luis Campos work together

They brought down Paris Saint-Germain. Now they have to make it win. The duo of Christophe Galtier and Luis Campos has demonstrated in Lille and will now test their relationship at a top European club. On Tuesday, during his first press conference as coach of the Parisian club, the coach also reserved his first words for the man with whom he established a strong bond in the North: “The presence of Luis Campos, who was a determining factor, as well as the words I exchanged with my president, made me accept this position with great humility.. “

We will never know if the people of Marseille would have accepted the challenge without the presence of the sports councilor, or even if he would have been a candidate. Campos, did not consider the arrival of any other coach than him, despite the will of Antero Henrique to place a Portuguese (Amorim, Conceiçao) and Qatar to attract Zidane. “When I had my first discussions with Luis Campos and he talked to me about this project, it took me a short time to make my decision.he told “Galette” in front of reporters. Although he has measured everything that can happen in a lifetime as a PSG coach. “

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A 3-5-2 alignment was the formation of choice for Galtier i Campos

The two men did not wait for the signing of the coach’s contract, which took place on Monday, to work on planning for next season. And on the way to achieving all the club’s goals, including the final victory at C1. The technician, convinced that it is necessary to have “a very precise and unchanged game model and organization“To do so, he defined his preferred tactical plan for next year and validated the 3-5-2 election with the Portuguese councilor. Now all that remains is to build the eleven and fill in the gaps.

Galtier also has a clear idea of ​​the character and style he wants to instill in his team and leaves the field open for Campos in hiring. “He knows what I expect and what I want to see from my groupexposed the coach. Based on that, Luis has the ability to discover good players and convince them to join us.“Only one rule cannot be transgressed: the former Nice coach maintains the final decision on each of the planned transfers. Even if he has one”total confidence in their ability to find the players who will make everything work. “

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This is how the two men built the LOSC French champion in 2021. Imposing this method on Paris Saint-Germain seems to be a real challenge in the face of Doha’s one-time interventionism and the influences of Nasser Al-Khelaïfi and the agents. which gravitate around. he. Similar uncertainties relate to crisis management or individual cases. So far, the discrepancy between the discourses between the different parties (Leonardo, Jean-Claude Blanc, Al-Khelaïfi) has sometimes made the messages inaudible.

If there’s anyone who knows the players better, it’s Luis

On Tuesday, a few days after decreeing the end of the bling-bling, the Parisian president promised a unique speech: “It is very important that everyone respects Luis Campos’ ruleshit the leader. I want to defend the players … but only if they respect the rules. “

A man of character, especially demanding, closely linked to discipline and rigor, Luis Campos will also play a role in the management of the dressing room. The goal of the Portuguese is to allow Galtier to dedicate most of his energy to his group and the field. “About the investment, when there are things I don’t like, there is my intervention but before there are exchanges with Luisdetailed the technician. I never make a decision before I have the point of view and share it with Luis. “

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Campos is directly involved in the sporting and extra-sporting life of the players and maintains direct links with those around them. In this sense, it is also a link between the locker room and the coach, especially when it comes to raising the expectations of others about playing time or about the role. “If there is anyone who knows the players better, it is him, as he often knows them and exchanges with them and their environment.“The best example? Kylian Mbappé. In Monaco, then, the young tricolor striker wanted to flourish with the professionals. Campos had passed the message on to Jardim. The rest, you know.

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