Let’s talk about MotoGP: The strange season of Pecco Bagnaia – part 2

Bagnaia is one of the stars of the set, but he had a tricky start. We try to analyze their particular season but rich in lessons. This episode follows yesterday’s, which you can find here.

III) It has been one of the best in the ranking for over a decade

The era of the only ECU supplied by Marelli significantly hardened the level of the MotoGP field. It’s now rarer to see drivers crushing races like Rossi in the 2000s. True, that didn’t stop Márquez from achieving that kind of season in 2019, but that’s also why he’s reached the top five drivers of all time. For classification, it is exactly the same. However, Francesco Bagnaia stands out in this area. After 11 racesHe counts four polesthat is, as much as Zarco, Aleix Espargaro i Quartararo reunited. It sticks 7-3 in ranking his teammate Miller, far from being the worst in this exercise.

Beyond the numbers, the style with which the Italian seals the ratings is impressive. In Jerez, he eliminates competition with time from another planet in only his second round. At Sachsenring, broke record after record during practice and then returned to the top spot. Often, alone during these trials, he is surgical and not mistaken. Being strong in the standings is essential to being a world champion, although there are rare exceptions. In addition, it is often the hallmark of grains, in addition to confirming the good chemistry between man and his machine. If its total is still less than“The Devil” (10 against 16 in the queen category), the trend is favorable to Italian in this area.

IV) Bagnaia is under pressure but remains mentally strong

Because yes, there is a difference. If it is obvious that Pecco under running pressurethis fact has become a common ground of attack against him. We had already mentioned it, through a crazy statistictheir tendency to break in a situation of tension. But in 2022 it teaches us more.

Le Mans 2022, a race to forget. Photo: Michelin Motorsport

First, Sherry. With Fabio just a few steps away, Bagnaia has taken the blow to perfection and has never hesitated until the last lap: the typical example of good management. But this ability to get back to the top level very quickly is even more fascinating. Look instead.

Last year, Francesco made a mistake in Mugello, then to the head. Falling without getting hurt is never serious; is to get up what counts. At this point, study the body language of this pilot; for his nervousness in the gravel when he returned to the box. You will find unsuspected clues, which say a lot about the mentality and the state of it.. Fabio, who joked with Espargaró after expelling him, draws attention in this area.

Bagnaia is not yet at this levelbut it approaches, and translates into results. Return to Mugello. In 2021, the VR46 student had made five Grand Prix to find the podium, not without fighting on tracks favorable to the Desmosedici. Ditto earlier this year, when everything seemed lost after four races marked by a clear performance deficit. And yet, Bagnaia went back to Spain. Then when he fought with Weather in Bastianinihe seemed to fall back on his way. The answer ? Another victory in Italy. The time has come for Catalonia to fall; this time, sure: if there’s bad luck, Bagnaia will not last. Two weeks later, victory in Assen with Bezzecchi in the second.

This demonstrates an exemplary mindset. To win a world title, this is the right approach. So, of course, the pressure of the moment still acts on him, but he’s on the right track. In conclusion, we will simply stipulate that Bagnaia is an immense danger for future years, still too undervalued by observers. But this will require work on itself, which will be carried out in a suitable environment. We will talk about this last parameter later.

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Despite a difficult start, Bagnaia found the mental strength to come back from failures on numerous occasions. Photo: Michelin Motorsport

Cover photo: Michelin Motorsport

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