Let’s talk about MotoGP: The strange season of Pecco Bagnaia – part 1

Francesco Bagnaiacurrent 4th in the MotoGP World Championship, achieves a performance difficult to understand. We analyze his strange start to the season through different lessons.

i) It is not so irregular.

In 2021, Weather in Bagnaia he had a great season finale, with four wins and five poles in the last six races. fourth, a solid leader, had been able to anticipate this rise and contain the Italian. But the trend had changed; Weather in Bagnaia now he was the favorite for the 2022 world title. Not everything went as planned: no need to review it again – but in the middle of the season he is still one of the best “performers” on the board. Four poles and three victories in the last six races, after a complicated start, especially for the machine.

So of course it is easy to point out their falls, in order to prove that he is not such a great talent. We return in detail to his four retirements, to which the mere reading of the general classification does not do justice. In Qatar, Bagnaia had big problems with his machine. In the race, he makes a mistake, of course, but committed fighting his team. Of course, this should no longer happen this season, now that the Ducati 2022 package has been perfected.

In France, he made a mistake after being mistreated Weather in Bastianini. Here, precisely, we can accuse the pressure, point on which we will return to the second part, tomorrow, at the same time. Germany? An inexplicable mistake. We are not talking about Catalonia, where he addressed Pecco Takaaki Nakagami in the first round. Of four mishaps, two should not reappear except one “bad luck” or a sudden loss of Ducati competitiveness. This leaves us with only two drivers ’mistakes in 11 Grand Prix. Talking about irregularity is a little loud, don’t you think? Bagnaia is no more irregular than a Weather in Bastianinia Miller or that all others less Zarco, Quarta ‘and Aleix Espargaró, who precede him in the general.

Even without Aleix and Fabio, Assen was a great display of the Bagnaia. Photo: Michelin Motorsport

II) He is the only one who can beat Quartararo

Let’s get to the point. Among all the pilots on the board, only Bagnaia has that speed, that deterrent force to defeat the French. On the one hand, his machine is certainly the best on the board, if not one of the best in recent history. Ducati is having a fantastic year and is currently leading the constructors ’championship ahead of Yamaha. The GP22 is good on all types of tracks, in all conditions, on a lap like in 22.

On the other hand, Pecco is formidable. Its main quality is its pace, unsustainable in its happy days. This shot is reminiscent of Jorge Lorenzo, who was arguably the best driver in the world when everything went his way. Warning: Quartararo is also exceptional, and is fluent in Italian even if you eliminate the falls from the equation. However, it must be remembered that the Pecco season only really started in Spain, when Ducati put its finger on the problem.

Since then, it’s fall or victory, there’s no middle ground. This anachronistic performance is reminiscent of the season of Kevin Schwantz in 1989 and still proves that the “Tops” of Bagnaia are almost untouchable, and this is good: it is always easier to correct a problem of regularity, even if in this particular case it is quite crushed (see point n ° 1), than the lack of speed. This means that the room for improvement is even greater for a rider like him, who n / A what to do “ less fall, more than a Aleix Espargaro or a Joan Mirwhich seem to have shown the maximum in performance.

In addition, many drivers with the profile of Bagnaia (many accidents at the beginning of his career but crazy speed at the start, performance in the classification) have improved significantly after (Lorenzo, Stoner, Schwantz, even Márquez to a lesser extent).

That’s all for today! Tomorrow, we’ll get back to two other points about “GoFree”. Let us know what you think of their season in the comments! Also, this article only reflects the thoughts of its author.

Here at Mugello, without surrendering to Quartararo. Photo: Michelin Motorsport

Cover photo: Michelin Motorsport

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