Let’s talk about MotoGP: Johann Zarco’s start to the season deserves an analysis

When we think a main players of this championship, the name of Joan Zarco it doesn’t come out instantly. However, French is evolving at an excellent level, and should be in the same conversations asAleix Espargaro i Francesco Bagnaia. We analyze all this, in three well-differentiated points.

I) An exceptional season?

Johann Zarco is currently third in the overall standings, 37 points of Espargaro. In terms of points, this is simply his second best performance after 2021, and only 18 points separate the two totals after 11 entries. In addition, he already has four podiums, as many as last year, as well as a pole achieved in Portugal. It may not sound surprising, but alone Fabio Quartararo and ALeix Espargaro it has more appearance in the box.

But the most impressive thing is elsewhere. Last year, in the middle of the season, it looked like the trend had been reversed Jorge Martín i Joan Zarco, given the speed and adaptability of the rookie. We expected, of course, to see the gap widen in favor of the Spanish but it is not. Zarco largely dominates Martín, and this in almost all areas.

First, comparing point totals. Zarco tea 37 points ahead despite two accidents. It is true that Martin has five white results, but the advanced statistics are still in favor of the cannons. If it is true that “Martinador” lead the duel 3-2Johann drives 1”284 fastest on average in the five entries that saw the races. This means that his performance is most noticeable when he faces his teammate on the court. Add a better regularity and you have a clear mastery.

In classification, same phenomenon. Zarco leads Saturday’s duels 6 to 5, while Martin is certainly one of the fastest in a lap. A magnificent performance.

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II) Why don’t we talk about it anymore?

In addition to his personality, there is a reason. In fact, another statistic shows that its competitiveness – its rank on the grid if we omit the falls – is less than Weather in Pecco Bagnaia and of Enea Bastianini. That is, when they cross the line, they are more likely to end up in front of Zarco than behind. In addition, the other two Ducati riders have achieved three victories each against none for Johann, who is also the rider with the most unsuccessful podiums in history (15, against 12 by Colin Edwards).

On average, Johann wears 12.6 points per race when he sees the arrival, against 15.14 for Bagnaia i 13.12 for Bastianini. Martin is behind, at 11.6. Therefore, without a doubt, regularity plays an important role and counts in the appreciation of a driver. But strangely, it will always look better to have a season with more hits than consistency. It is one of the injustices of our sport, the case Bradley Smith is the perfect example. Certainly Johann suffers from this “lack of brightness” but still he remains an exceptional pilot, able to create great moments like his advance on Espargaró in the waterfallat the Sachsenring.

Only drawback: his running speed. If he often goes at a good pace, he rarely manages to take advantage over the long haul. He doesn’t have any the fastest laps of the race, compared to two last year at this time of season. Of course, the exits are always a brake but he is working on it and there is no doubt that this slight defect will be rectified soon. That’s all we want for him.

What do you think of the first half of Zarco’s season? Tell us everything in the comments!

When will there be an inverted “French double”? Photo: Michelin Motorsport

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