Latifi’s penalty has been explained

At the start of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix this Sunday, Nicholas Latifi received a stop and go of 10 seconds. We explain the reasons for this sanction.

The Williams driver was penalized at the start of the race because a member of the team touched the Canadian’s car.Before departure, after the time limit set by the FIA. The decision of the FIA ​​race commissioners states: “He The video was reviewed and commissioners determined that a member of the team touched the car after the 15-second warning during the exit procedure. LArticle 44.6 (of the Sports Regulations) provides for the car to start from the pit lane in these circumstances; how not to an A 10-second stop and start is required. »

Therefore, the Canadian driver was sanctioned for breach of Article 44.6 of the Formula 1 Sports Regulations which reads as follows: ” When the one minute signal is displayed, the engines must be started and the whole equipment you must leave the grid when the fifteen-second signal is taken the whole team with them.

If a team member hits a car or if the computer equipment is connected to a car in the grille after the fifteen-second signal has been shown, the driver of the car in question he has to start the race from the pit lane. »

An appropriate sanction in article 54.3 d) shall be imposed on any driver who does not start the race from the pit lane“. Article 54.3 d) effectively refers to the possibility given to marshals to impose a stop and go 10 seconds in these circumstances: The driver must enter the pit lane, stop in his pit for at least ten seconds and then rejoin the race.“.

After the event ended, Williams’ director of performance, Dave Robson, insisted that his team review certain internally established procedures to prevent a recurrence of such an incident. ” Nicholas had a tough day, with an immediate penalty for a minor infraction of the grid rule. That the sanction is imposed by the regulations and we were to blame. Therefore, we need to review our procedure and make sure that this does not happen again in the future. »

The main stakeholder, Nicholas Latifi, also reacted, considering that the FIA ​​could have shown clemency to him knowing that the car had simply been moved back and that nothing had been changed in the car.

It’s a shame the penitentiary ruined everything before it started. I think there should be some clemency about this offense as I was pushed, nothing was changed in the car. said the Canadian.

It was tricky to be so far from the peloton, then there was a cycle of blue flags and the leaders caught me very quickly. The race turned out to be very long and lonely. We managed to do more miles and laps by car, but overall it has been a tough weekend on this track. One day to forget, but I’m glad the next stop is Canada for my first home run. »

The Canadian driver also received another penalty five seconds later in the race for ignoring several blue flags, deliberately refusing to let the drivers go one lap ahead. Azerbaijan’s Grand Prix has finished in 15th place, which is the very last one, as there have been five withdrawals in Baku this Sunday.

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