Kimpembe captain, Maignan starter, Griezmann in trouble … What to remember from the Deschamps press point

Back with the national team, Didier Deschamps answered questions from journalists on the eve of Croatia-France in Split at the League of Nations.

Special shipment to Split

His analysis of the match against Denmark

“I saw him live (he was absent due to a death in the family) and then, of course, to analyze some details and in particular the two goals conceded (defeat 1-2 against Denmark at the Stade de France). We have to do better in alignment (defense), depth management, especially when the ball carrier is not ready. This can be worked out and can also happen in a defense of 4. The lineup is played slowly, but in a defense of three, these three must be aligned. These are situations that can be repeated, but in action, they are basic things. The danger is the depth when the carrier deviates and this can lead to chances and goals. »

The Blues under pressure against Croatia

We don’t have to wait until tomorrow (Monday), we know from Friday that it has stopped. Now, accident or not, we have done good things against Denmark, but against a very good team we have reached the end of the game. After a defeat, we want to go back and reverse the trend. »

Owner of Maignan, especially for his kicking game?

“That Mike has a very good game of kicks, yes, but I won’t go into your interpretation which would involve a lot of things (compared to Lloris). But it was already planned for the beginning of the week (starting), asked all the matches of the club, from the moment there are four matches, it is an opportunity to be able to distribute.There are no other analyzes (to do), there are two very good goalkeepers.Hugue is still the captain and the starter. Mike will have the opportunity to have time to play, so Presnel Kimpembe (present at the press conference) will be the captain. “

The difficulties of depth management

“Ideally, you leave nothing to your opponent. But if there are 3 or 4, the problem may be the same. We have this ability to be dangerous and to score goals. Sometimes we are less solid defensively, in “We need to do better, we need to work on it, and we need to make sure that this margin of error is minimized so as not to give the opponent a chance.”

If you’re worried about Griezmann’s form

“You have your analysis, your comments and it doesn’t come in the best possible conditions and it’s not a matter of fingers that we can put everything back in its place. He may have a period in which he is less well, even if he has not been blue. Don’t worry, these end-of-season situations are tricky for many players after a year of work. There are injuries, and these items are necessarily less fresh than others that have been used less. Having said that … Matches follow one another (blow), it is valid for our rivals as we have seen with Croatia against Austria (0-3 defeat at home). I will not judge Antoine or any other player in a match.

The medical point about Mbappé

“I do not want to enter the medical field, he has a problem with a contusion that is not irreparable, but he would not have come with us to Croatia. He will not take part in today’s session (Sunday), he will not be the only one because there will be 5 (Benzema, Coman, Kanté, Koundé) in this case due to minor problems. »

What you expect from Ben Yedder

“As I told you before the match, one of the goals of this four-game series is to give players time to play. Wissam will play with his qualities, which is why he usually comes because he is an effective scorer in his record, very skilled in the short game, and in the end with fast sequences. »

No appeal from Benzema on the sextape issue

“No, I haven’t talked to him and I’m sorry, but I won’t talk about it today. We have a game to prepare for and that is the most important thing. »

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