JuniorGP Jerez J3: new winners and emotions in the last corner …

Three new winners and changes in the title race are the highlights of an Andalusian round to remember.

The FIM JuniorGP World Championship ™ Finetwork 2022 experienced a great day of racing in all three categories at the iconic Circuit de Jerez – Ángel Nieto. The Spanish website has welcomed the drivers and teams for the fourth test of the Championship, and the races have not disappointed. In the category JuniorGP ™ Finetwork FIM World Championship, Collin Veijer (AGR Team) got its first victory in Race 1, against the leader of the Championship, José Antonio Rueda (Team Estrella Galicia 0.0), did not respond to Race 2. Àlex Escrig (Yamaha Philippines Stylobike Racing Team) got the first victory of his career at the European Moto2 Championship ™ and Dodo Boggio (Aspar Junior Team) got the first victory of his career in Race 1 before doubling his lead in Race 2 in the Hawkers European Talent Cup.

He JuniorGP™ started on a cloudy morning in Jerez, but the cool temperatures made for an exciting run. A battle between Collin VeijerJose Antonio Rueda, Angel Piqueras (Equip Estrella Galicia 0.0), Syarifuddin Azman (SIC Racing) i David Salvador (Laglisse Academy) started quickly, with unpredictability everywhere. In the last moments, it is Collin Veijer who, after being continuously strong in the third and fourth sectors, took the lead on the last lap, while David Salvador crashed into bend 11, chasing him. José Antonio Rueda it couldn’t happen and it is Collin Veijer who achieved his first victory in this category, a first also for the Netherlands.

The second race takes place in the afternoon, and José Antonio Rueda made a remarkable performance despite the warmer temperatures, escaping to win by more than eight seconds. Still, the race was still interesting, as the battle for second place saw more than ten riders compete for the podium. David Alonso (Aspar Junior Team) recovered from a slightly disappointing race 1 to cross the finish line second in race 2, ahead of David Almansa (Finetwork Mir Racing Team) i Eddie O’Shea (British Talent Team), who was fourth. However, the podium was later investigated and, to go beyond the limits of the track, David Alonso dropped to fourth place, allowing it David Almansa i Eddie O’Shea to get on his first podium. To notice Eddie O’Shea he came out from the fifth row of the grid and made up for more than five seconds to the riders ahead of him.

José Antonio Rueda leads the standings with a 71-point lead David Salvador.

European Moto2 Championship:
The only meeting in the category Moto2™ ECh was also interesting and only resolved in the last moments; a four-way fight with Àlex Escrig taking the holeshot in front Xavi Cardelus (Promoracing), his teammate Senna Agius i Lukas Tulovic (Liqui Moly Intact GP Junior Team) went fast and decided based on the best tire management. After the mistakes, Lukas Tulovic he was back in fourth place, but soon struggled to get back to second ahead Senna Agius i Xavi Cardelusbut no one could catch up Àlex Escrig, who became the 32nd different winner of Moto2 ™ ECh, with his first victory. A tragedy occurred at the end of the race when Mattia Rato (MMR) eliminated his teammate Tommaso Marcon at the last bend of the last lap.

European Talent Cup (Moto3 stock):
The Hawkers ETC races were also electrifying and from Race 1 onwards they were spectacular. The South African Moodley Ruched (Finetwork Mir Junior Team) had the best start before being caught by drivers like Dodo Boggio, Brian Uriarte (Equip Estrella Galicia 0.0) and poleman Maximum Martinez (Team Honda Laglisse), while Hakim Danish (SIC Racing), Rico Salmela (Equip Estrella Galicia 0.0) and an impressive Guillem Planques (First Bike Academy & AMP) were all there too. On the last lap, Dodo Boggio won the honor of giving Italy a fifth victory in the category and becoming the tenth different winner of the Hawkers ETC in Jerez.

Guido Pini (AC Racing Team), who sought to take advantage of the lack of Joel Esteban (Aspar Junior Team) to take the lead, he failed to do so and only finished eighth.

Race 2 was a carbon copy of the start, Moodley Ruched Once again the best of the line was starting, but this time it was a new group of riders who argued behind it. Among the most prominent runners were Casey O’Gorman (VisionTrack Racing Team), Alberto Ferrandez (Finetwork Mir Junior Team), both started away from the top 10, and Amanuel Brinton (Team Estrella Galicia 0.0), who was looking to recover from a double penalty to start early in Race 1. After a last hectic lap, Casey O’Gorman he went from third to first on the last corner and stayed in his position, but moved to the line Dodo Boggiowho came back at the end of the race to get a double. Casey O’Gorman crossed the line in second place, but the Irishman went down to third place for exceeding the limits of the track, which allowed Brian Uriarte to get second place on the day. Alberto Ferrandez he got a well-deserved fourth place from the fifth row of the starting grid while poleman Maximum Martinez it took fifth place, one place ahead Amanuel Brinton who did his best time in sixth place.

The new leader of the championship is Dodo Boggio just one point ahead Joel Esteban.

Good weekend for the French Guillem Planques (First Bike Academy &), 7th and 9th, dating back to 15th in the championship.

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